Brisant acquires 3 star lock business Deseo

Mark O’Sullivan and Nick Dutton
Mark O’Sullivan and Nick Dutton

Brisant Secure has acquired the business and intellectual property of Deseo Locking Systems for an undisclosed sum.

Deseo, based in Braintree, is said to be an ‘innovative trailblazer’ with critical security patents to its name. The patented Deseo ALPS cylinder incorporates the UK and European patented Automatic Lock Protection System (ALPS).

This system is reported to resist all well-known and many lesser-known forced entry methods.

Deseo Locking Systems’ Marcus and Mark O’Sullivan stay on with the business and Mark joins the Brisant-Secure board as Deseo director.

“We are delighted by this, our first Brisant-Secure acquisition, and excited to welcome Mark and Marcus, both successful innovators,” said Brisant CEO, Nick Dutton.

“Following the growth of our award winning, smart security range, including Ultion Nuki, Ultion Bolt and more recently our Ultion window handle range, this is a major step on the road to future proofing home security. And it’s a significant development in the evolution of Brisant as a hardware house.

“As I wrote in a recent letter to editors, burglars will never stop trying to find new ways to break locks. It will continue to be a constant tussle between attackers and defenders, a see-saw when one side achieves a temporary advantage over the other.

“I think it’s true to say that in this see-saw Deseo firmly tips the balance in favour of homeowners. Not only does it protect against all existing attack methods, it also protects against most of the future attacks we can imagine.”

Deseo’s MD, Mark O’Sullivan, commented: “I don’t think Deseo Locking Systems could have found a better home with the coming together of two strong, innovative cultures. Brisant will be an active partner with the resources and the mindset to help us develop the Deseo products and achieve the full potential of Deseo and Brisant Secure.

“In my new role as Deseo director for Brisant Secure, the opportunities for synergy and growth are particularly exciting.”