AT Precision launches Everglide bi-folds

Michael Hewitt
Michael Hewitt

AT Precision has launched the new Everglide aluminium profile range for bi-folds, offering fabricators a ‘one-stop shop’ for all their bi-fold door needs.

This launch is said to be a significant milestone for AT Precision. The new Everglide aluminium profile range is designed and manufactured in-house, featuring impressive specifications, such as a U-value of 1.5W/m²K and Document L compliance.

It offers sash dimensions of up to 1,200mm wide and 2,500mm high and a maximum sash weight of 100kg.

Glazing options of 24mm, 28mm, 32mm, or 36mm are available, and with typical sightlines of 132mm, the profile offers a ‘sleek and contemporary look’.

Since its inception in 2020, AT Precision has established itself as a provider of bi-fold door hardware. The company’s Everglide hardware range encompasses rollers, top guides, pull handles, cleats, and shootbolt handles. Additionally, the Everseal range of high-quality gaskets further enhances the functionality and aesthetics of bi-folding door systems.

“Both the Everglide hardware and Everseal gasket ranges are known for their affordability and compatibility with most major systems,” explained sales director, Michael Hewitt. “Being manufactured in-house allows us to offer competitive pricing, potentially saving fabricators thousands of pounds annually.”

AT Precision’s product portfolio goes beyond hardware. Over the past year, the company has introduced a range of plastic ancillaries, high-quality espagnolette window handles, and the innovative Ingenious Duplex MPL from Ingenious Locks. This strategic expansion ensures fabricators have access to a comprehensive selection of bi-fold door components.

Michael said: “Previously, the only missing piece was the actual aluminium profile and glass. With the launch of the Everglide aluminium profile range, we’ve addressed this gap definitively.

“The high-quality profile is easy to work with, making AT Precision a one-stop shop for all your bi-fold needs. Simply add the glass, and you’re ready to go!

“By offering exceptional bi-fold door hardware, high-performance aluminium profile, and readily available customer support, AT Precision empowers fabricators to streamline their operations, save time and money, and deliver exceptional bi-fold door solutions to their clients.”