AT Precision invests £370k in new extrusion machine

AT Precision has announced the installation of a new extrusion line at its premises.

In addition to 18 dyes, the new machine totals a £370,000 investment, and is capable of extruding 250kg of material per hour compared to an older machine that was achieving 50kg per hour – an increase of 400%.

The investment is part of a wider strategy at AT Precision to become more environmentally conscious, and follows the introduction of a new Recycled Thermal Reinforcement (RTR) system to its production line.

Earlier this year, the company launched its own in-house recycling scheme which involves picking up unused or unwanted PVC-U materials from its customers, and extruding these for use in manufacturing its own screen retention profile bars.

Sales director, Michael Hewitt, commened: “The significant investment in a new extrusion machine has been extremely worthwhile – since launching our in-house recycling scheme, we’ve seen more and more of our customers wanting to give us their unused PVC-U materials, and thanks to the new machine, we’re able to grind and melt these down at a much higher rate to produce our screw retention profile bars.”

With a manufacturing facility in Durham, AT Precision manufactures the Everglide range of bi-fold components such as rollers, guides and hinges, as well as the Everseal range of high-quality gaskets.

It also specialises in security hardware, PVC infill extrusions, and aluminium profile for bi-folds.

And because the company manufactures all its products in-house, it is able to offer them at a significantly lower price compared to systems companies.

Michael concluded: “At AT Precision, cutting-edge technology and sustainability go hand in hand, with the new extrusion machine a testament to both quality and environmental responsibility.

“As we continue to innovate and expand our recycling initiatives, we look forward to providing our customers with even more sustainable solutions while maintaining a competitive edge in the market.”