Are Window Energy Ratings enough?

When Window Energy Ratings were established, energy rated windows were deemed more of a marketing opportunity than a necessity. Forward-thinking companies that jumped on board straight away had a tool to differentiate them from their competitors. A tool that homeowners could instantly recognise and were familiar with. Even a ‘C’ rating was big news when the first ratings started to come in.

Of course, now the landscape is much different. There are plenty of the highest rated windows to choose from. So, can we still use energy ratings as a marketable point of difference between window companies? The answer is yes, as long as the overall product offering is something new and something better.

Last year, a Which? survey revealed that 44% of the people they questioned had replaced their windows to make their homes warmer, while 40% had bought new windows to reduce their energy bills. As an industry, we have risen to the challenge to deliver higher performing windows.

The BFRC has had to update the rainbow label several times to allow for better technologies and practices that are being employed to supply more and more ‘A’ rated windows. First came the A+, and then the A++ which is still currently the top bracket for windows with an energy index value over +20.

Consumers searching for companies that can deliver an A++ window won’t find it difficult. We’ve done a few practice searches on the BFRC website and for different postcodes are offered over 20 suppliers, some with multiple products rated A++.

This doesn’t mean we should pull back on marketing energy rated products though. Installers have to be able to offer the very best ratings and market those ratings to ensure they are considered for a job, in the same way they have to demonstrate security and an aesthetically pleasing window. However, they do need more than this. If there are 20 other companies offering the same A++, what else do you have in your armoury to make you different?

Deceuninck customers can offer colour on top of excellent energy efficiency – 28 colourways from stock. This means installers can get their coloured windows in the same lead time as they get their white windows. Many of our customers are also now enjoying our Heritage window collection with flush, chamfered and sculptured sash options – all of which enable our customers to differentiate themselves.

We also offer a wide range of marketing materials for our fabricators and their installer customers – materials that help them make the sale. While energy ratings are important to have in the mix, they only form one small part of the overall marketing picture. Our marketing support goes above and beyond the industry standard to give our customers confidence in a competitive field.

Deceuninck is always happy to support customers in achieving the very best energy ratings but our offering goes much deeper to ensure that our customers have plenty of choice when it comes to how to best market themselves to stand out from the competition.

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