Why the new look?

CRL is in the process of updating its brand, with an emphasis on delivering an exceptional customer experience. Managing director of CRL Europe Simon Boocock explains why.

The industry is evolving in a fundamental way. Customers demand end-to-end solutions; they’re not just buying a product, they’re buying a solution.

Our innovative designs offer superior aesthetics while standing up to ever-more stringent building codes. We provide virtually any level of support, from customisation, to quote, to completion.

Being an essential partner to our customers starts with understanding their needs. We think about our customers by defining the most important ways we can help them achieve success. For glazing contractors, we want to help them grow their business by bringing them higher quality products faster.

Our expertise and superior ability to support them is what matters most.

Our customers trust us to be the single-source destination to find everything they need, from a wide variety of off-the-shelf products and supplies, to fully customised orders.

When customers work with us, we want them to feel certain that products will be easy to order, in stock and available, delivered on time, and that customer service will be exceptional every time.

We have 50+ years of experience and a distinguished history of industry innovation. We have built our reputation for quality and expertise, and it’s a legacy we are proud to continue.

We are excited about the opportunity our industry provides. We are fortunate that glass, as a substrate, has so many advantages over other materials, and architects have made it their material of choice. We are committed to continuing to bring innovative products and solutions to the marketplace.

Our customers, both large and small, do amazing things. We are inspired by their creative visions and their passion for the craftsmanship it takes to bring their ideas to life. This drives us forward to innovate and bring new solutions to our product portfolio.

The next few years will be incredibly transformational and exciting for everyone associated with CRL Europe. The CRL brand stands for trusted quality. Our customers count on us every day to play an integral role in the success of their businesses.

We look forward to delivering on that promise.