Why real-time data is key

Aaron Solomon
Aaron Solomon

By Aaron Solomon, sales executive at Insight Data.

2023 has the potential to be a great year for many companies within the fenestration and glazing industry.

What will define success from failure in the coming months is something that every business will almost definitely need – a strong marketing plan.

Executing such plans is not easy, with knowing who to target and how to contact people often one of the biggest problems.

Therefore, businesses must be making the most of all available resources to ensure problems such as this are not encountered.

At Insight Data, we have one of the best solutions for marketing because we can provide dynamic prospect data on thousands of fabricators, installers and suppliers from across the UK.

This regularly updated and detailed contact information ultimately means you can make your marketing more successful than ever before.

Failing to use such data can massively restrict your marketing output due to the fact static data is often outdated by the time it’s used.

It is information that is correct at the point of creation but will not change unless the editor is informed or changes it themselves. Directories are a perfect example of this.

The alternative to this is opting for a more fluid approach and using dynamic data – putting your business on the front foot when it comes to selling your products.

This kind of information continually changes after it’s recorded in order to maintain its accuracy.

One of the biggest advantages with Salestracker, is that we regularly we update our databases, ensuring we are not only providing the best service to our customers, but that we comply with GDPR laws.

Our team of researchers make 20,000 calls and interviews every month – generating around 1,200 changes and updates to our data.

We believe accurate data makes the job of your employees much easier. Instead of wasting time on finding and fixing data errors, your staff can focus on more important tasks.

Gaining access to this kind of data is vital to flourishing in a tough market.

Businesses will find that their marketing results will start to produce more leads when they are built upon a foundation of fresh data.

Sending hundreds of emails to recipients in the wrong business or wrong role will not only exhaust your financial resources but will also negatively reflect on your brand identity.

Many companies simply cannot afford to be wasting time and money on sending promotional material to people and prospects that don’t exist.

Target new customers faster

Our Salestracker software is the world’s first fully integrated sales and marketing platform, designed exclusively for the building and fenestration industry.

It is home to five extensive databases, ranging from fenestration to architects, builder’s merchants, local builders and a construction file – containing over 50,000 records.

The fenestration atabase puts thousands of fabricators and installers right at your fingertips, with access to emails, phone numbers and credit ratings (where applicable).

By gaining access to this data, businesses can immediately identify relevant prospects and launch marketing campaigns to the current audiences.

Therefore, you can redefine whom you are marketing to, reducing email bounce backs, undelivered direct mail and most importantly, costs.

Effective marketing will be key to success this year – let Salestracker and Insight Data do the hard work for you.