Why marketing is vital in economic uncertainty

Aaron Solomon
Aaron Solomon

By Aaron Solomon, sales manager Insight Data.

The fenestration industry has shown its grit and determination after the challenges presented by the post-pandemic market and spiralling energy costs.

However, despite such perseverance, the Construction Products Association forecasts a 3.9% fall in construction output in 2023.

This is due to a number of factors including high product prices, materials and labour shortages, and climate change effects.

The prediction means that companies across the fenestration and construction sectors will have to make smart investments in the right areas in order to flourish.

One of the biggest mistakes any company could make is slashing its marketing output, essentially lowering a brand’s reputation and exposure.

Investing in your marketing is vital – and can accelerate growth whilst others around you retract.

But how do you invest in marketing?

Throwing money around with no real strategy will not help, especially in the current climate. A successful marketing campaign will always be driven by one aspect. Data.

Businesses will find that their marketing results will start to produce more leads when they are built upon a foundation of fresh marketing data.

Sending hundreds of emails to recipients in the wrong business or wrong role will not only exhaust your financial resources but will also negatively reflect on your brand identity.

Many companies simply cannot afford to be wasting time and money on sending promotional material to people and prospects that don’t exist.

Therefore, if forecasts are correct and construction output falls, you have a foundation of solid data that will propel you forward – instead of falling back.

Boost growth with Insight Data

The best place to gain access to this information is with Insight Data.

Insight is home to the highest standard of marketing data for the glazing and construction industry.

With over 80,000 contacts across 50,000 different companies, working with Insight will propel your marketing to the next level.

Our data is split across five databases, ranging from fenestration to architects, builders’ merchants, local builders and main contractors with a turnover of £5m. The details can also be split by region, sector and size.

It puts thousands of businesses and tradespeople right at your fingertips, with access to emails, phone numbers and credit ratings (where applicable).

One of the biggest perks associated with our data is how regularly we update it, ensuring we are not only providing the best service to our customers, but that we comply with data protection and GDPR laws.

Our team of dedicated researchers make 20,000 calls and interviews every month – generating around 1,200 changes to our data.

Accurate business intelligence data helps business leaders make more strategic, informed decisions about products, markets and competitors. The in-depth information within the Insight database helps companies large and small understand this, so they can easily identify new opportunities.

Establishing connections between companies could not be easier. With details of key decision makers and influencers our data makes it easier to reach more potential quality leads with less effort, helping businesses to work smarter, not harder!

The best way to access this data is through Insight’s live prospect database, Salestracker – the world’s first fully-integrated sales and marketing platform, designed exclusively for the building and fenestration industry.

Salestracker is the home of all our detailed data. A platform found nowhere else in the industry. It harnesses our real-time prospect data with a powerful CRM (customer relationship management) system.

The results our customers have seen over the years have been phenomenal. Salestracker now has over 700 users, with clients including some of the UK’s industry-leading building product suppliers.

The market intelligence within Salestracker, means companies don’t waste time or money on blanket marketing. It provides the tools and data to instantly access your ideal customers, so you need less sales and marketing resources to achieve the same results.

You can even cross-reference credit rating history to ensure you’re targeting financially stable customers too!