Which way is the best way?

In 2017 Ultraframe’s Ultra Installer scheme received Which? Trusted Trader accreditation, and in the last 18 months every Ultra Installer has been approved to Which? Trusted Trader standards. Catie Doherty from Which? and Ultraframe’s marketing director Alex Hewitt talk about why the partnership is successful for retailers and consumers.

The quality of retailers Which? is working with through the Ultra Installer scheme is incredibly high, according to those who run the scheme.

Catie Doherty, premier account manager from Which?, said: “As the UK’s leading custodian of consumer confidence we have very deep insights into the glass and glazing industry and, without question, the retailers in the Ultra Installer scheme are shaping and changing the perception of the glazing industry.

“We work very closely with the retailer to ensure they are fully compliant with the Which? Trusted Trader standards. This is absolutely crucial. We need to be absolutely confident that every consumer lead will receive the same, high level of customer care throughout the entire process.”

Ultraframe’s marketing director Alex Hewitt said: “We’re always looking for new ways to help our installers differentiate their business. The Ultra Installer scheme has always been about helping our quality installers build their reputation locally, and the additional Which? Trusted Trader endorsement provides an extra layer of re-assurance for the homeowner.

“For the most part our role is to give retailers the systems, new innovations and marketing support to help them close a deal. As you’d expect, the leads generated via Which? are high quality. These are homeowners seeking an installation firm that really cares about customer service and are prepared to put in time and effort to find the right retailer.”

Catie said: “When people think of Which? they think about consumer protection first and foremost, and that’s essential. Equally, what’s been really successful since we developed the partnership with Ultraframe is working with Ultra Installers to really help them finesse their business in areas that previously they might have been overlooked.

“By its nature the Ultra Installer scheme is populated by great installation businesses delivering fantastic products in a professional way. Where we can add value is by helping businesses think about the business administration tasks that might have gone overlooked. Terms and conditions and keeping them up to date is a great example.

“Often as businesses grow terms and conditions need to evolve. Our role at Which? is invaluable in this space and what we’re ensuring is that not only are terms up to date but the consumer and the business are equally protected.”

Alex said: “One of the questions we’re often asked by prospective retailers considering joining the scheme is ‘how complex is it to join?’

“It’s straightforward. The partnership with Which? was in development for a long time before we launched last year and, put simply, that was because we wanted the joining process to be as efficient as possible.

“Since we launched the Which? partnership we have seen unprecedented levels of interest in the Ultra Installer scheme and are proud to be working with a number of new retailers that can see the benefits of joining.

“There is a waiting list to join in some areas of the UK, but there are pockets of the country that would benefit from greater coverage. If you’re considering joining then I would urge you to speak to us and find out if there is a vacancy in your area.”