Trends in black and white

Of all the hardware trends, the shift towards matt black finishes for windows and doors is one that is refusing to be ignored, according to Simon Boocock, managing director of CRL Europe.

The hardware chosen for doors and windows plays a significant part in the overall impression of a building, both inside and out. This has always been true but the shift towards minimal design and a ‘barely there’ approach to building design has made the hardware an even more significant element.

It is for this reason, among others, that we are witnessing a move away from standard finishes, such as chrome and stainless steel, towards finishes that have slightly more in the way of visual impact, with matt black being key among them.

Setting the tone for the overall design of a building – from outside to inside – window and door hardware creates an instant first impression and helps tie the entire look together. Hardware should never therefore be an afterthought, but rather a considered choice at the outset of a project.

Matt black makes a sophisticated and elegant statement that is bold and timeless, hence the ever-increasing popularity of this ‘alternative’ finish. While pale colours have always been a popular way of reflecting light and creating a sense of spaciousness, the move towards dark, ambient shades can’t be ignored, with black leading the way in helping to reflect an owner’s personality.

Matt black is a very versatile option, in the same way that chrome and stainless steel blend into any surroundings. This is a finish that is equally at home in the classic and contemporary setting, and complements the vast majority of other materials and finishes. Matt black creates a striking impression when combined with marble, wood, brass, copper or stainless steel, and it also works well on painted, timber or glass doors.

Giving specifiers more choice when selecting door hardware, the matt black finish creates a minimal look, blending seamlessly into the overall design of any space. Matt black may be modern in its thinking, but it works well as a transitional finish too, so shouldn’t be dismissed for more traditional, classically styled exteriors and interiors. Black is a timeless colour, so it can be included in any design with no risk of it dating or suddenly looking out of place.

For offices and similar interior spaces, door hardware – from hinges to hydraulic patch fittings – can be chosen in this trending finish, creating a sophisticated look, particularly when teamed with frameless glass for an elegant, minimal look. The minimalist approach to design that is prevalent in commercial and residential projects currently lends itself to the addition of matt black as a hardware finish.

Glass partitions, for example, are increasingly being specified for open-plan office environments, creating a high-end aesthetic while being a practical way of creating a bright, spacious working environment and enhancing acoustics. When teamed with matt black profiles and hinges, a striking impression is achieved. On a practical level, a matt finish offers a fingerprint and smudge-resistant alternative to polished surfaces such as chrome and stainless steel, for a hygienic look that makes cleaning easy.