The sky’s the limit with Silka

While homeowners are searching for more energy efficient homes, the desire for bright and light spaces is equally as in demand. Andy Jones, Silka’s sales and marketing director for England and Wales, talks about how its super-insulated rooflight delivers it all.

Energy efficiency is a well-versed discussion in the industry. Homeowner, demand is only increasing, as strengthened by Silka’s sponsored Selfbuilder & Homemaker Magazine’s survey, which told us that 64% of people are making energy efficient modifications to their home to provide security against energy price increases.

Two thirds of self-builders also expressed that they want their home to reduce their carbon footprint and avoid contributing to climate change.

Because of this, making homes as energy efficient as possible has become a necessity. When we think about improving thermal performance though, we should look beyond windows and doors to help achieve this. We need to look at the importance of having a full suite of products that will not only deliver on efficiency, but that won’t compromise on the aesthetic of the home either.

According to the Energy Saving Trust, over a quarter of heat is lost through ceilings and roofs, showing the need for effective insulation in these areas, as well as the opportunity to supply a functional solution.

Offering a triple-glazed and thermally efficient option, Silka is already ahead of the game, with our super insulated flat rooflight.

Triple glazing has long been a standard offering at New World Developments – the company behind Silka. Having both the frame and glass manufactured at the same site provides a smooth and simple delivery of even the largest units, reinforcing our confidence in delivering both faultless products and logistics.

Our rooflight comes with a choice of depth for the glass edge detail and thickness of glass, offering the ultimate design versatility and thermal performance levels.

Silka’s rooflight also benefits from our ground-breaking Thermafill thermal barrier system. The highly insulated Thermafill technology is a clever method of maximising the insulating performance of the frame and glass.

With such a revolutionary combination, it’s no surprise that Thermafill and triple glazing deliver ultra-low U-values, making Silka products a top performing window, door and rooflight suite.

The complete package

Whether it’s energy efficiency or increasing natural light in the home, our rooflight delivers on it all. No matter if it’s an existing flat roofing system or a new single storey extension, our rooflight offers super slim sightlines and can be manufactured to be up to 4m by 3m wide.

It’s also been carefully designed to create an internal plaster line, right up to the glass line. Plus, with bonded glass to hide the finish from the outside, it looks just as good viewing it from a balcony above.

We’re seeing a continuing demand for natural light in the home from homeowners, alongside the need for thermal efficiency, and it’s why we added our rooflight into the Silka range. Natural light can easily be lost when extending a property or changing its original configuration.

Floor to ceiling doors can fill the extension with natural light, but the original space quickly becomes deprived – often making it darker than it was before. By installing a rooflight, it brings at least 25% more light into the property, and helps it reach further into the home.

Having our super insulated rooflight within the Silka range delivers a complete set of glazing systems to homeowners – including our aluminium windows, bi-fold doors, lift & slide doors, entrance doors and French doors – that will not only insulate, but light up the home naturally.

As we look towards a more energy efficient future and more homeowners are choosing different ways to renovate and expand their homes, our rooflight is available to match and accommodate almost every type of flat roof installation.

It can also be paired beautifully with the rest of the Silka range to create a stunning suite that delivers the future home, right now.