The Residence Collection reveals colour trends

The Residence Collection has delved into its customers’ colour preferences to reveal the popular window and door colours for the upcoming season.

Major brands have already started to release their ‘colour of the year’ for 2024, which are expected to be mirrored in the choice of bigger home purchases such as windows and doors. This includes the announcement of Dulux colour of the year, ‘Sweet Embrace’, described as a ‘delicate, warm shade’ that takes on different tones in the light and pairs well with many other shades.

With this in mind, data from The Residence Collection has revealed the upcoming colour trends for windows and doors to get installers and fabricators ready for 2024. These include:


According to The Residence Collection, green is beginning to take the lead when it comes to the go-to choices for doors and windows with installers quickly expecting it to bypass traditional white.

Sage from The Residence Collection is said to have grown in popularity over the last quarter becoming the one of the most popular colourways.

Most recently, The R9 system in sage has been installed by Fairmitre Shropshire Windows and Conservatories in a Shropshire countryside property alongside fabricator, HWL to provide elements of 19th century architectural design whilst also providing the modern functionality and energy efficiency of the R9 system.

Available across all of The Residence Collection window systems, sage has a smooth texture and the colour is available both internally or externally. Alternatively, R9 is available with an internal grained white colourway with the R7 and R² systems completed with chalk white internally.


With traditional white becoming less favoured, The Residence Collection says that warmer neutral tones such as ‘clotted cream’ are gaining momentum for installers and fabricators.

A colourway available in all three systems; R9, R7 and R², with a grained textured finish, this colour showcases a classic, traditional tone with a touch of warmth for customers.

A property on a private street in Peterborough has been transformed with clotted cream on chalk chite in R7 by installer Choice Windows and fabricator HS Trade. These windows not only enhance aesthetics but also have A++ energy ratings, leading to significant energy savings for homeowners.


The Residence Collection says that installers and fabricators are seeing the requirement for a more practical decision when it comes to window colours, which is where grey is becoming more popular. With a grey window frame under sunlight, Painswick brings a softness to homes.

The Residence Collection Painswick is across all three systems R9, R7 and R² with dual colour options.

Utilising colours such as ‘No.38 grey’, ‘corse lawn’, ‘Painswick’ and ‘greyish’ from The Residence Collection are ideal for an array of properties. This includes a 1970s property where installer, Andy Glass, and fabricator, HS Trade, partnered with The Residence Collection to install R7 flush windows as well as a bay window in the corse lawn and chalk white colourway.

Jo Trotman, marketing manager at The Residence Collection, said: “Window colour trends have seen constant growth over the last few years with ourselves and our network of installers and fabricators seeing a demand towards non-traditional colours like green and textured grey shades.

“At The Residence Collection, we offer a wide array of colours, allowing fabricators and installers to add to their offering to allow consumers to bring their unique style and aesthetic vision to life while updating their property. With our design expertise, installers and fabricators can explore combinations of colours and features to enhance their customers’ experiences.”

The Residence Collection provides a selection of 26 hues, including the option of dual finishes, featuring a diverse range of finishes representing various architectural styles.

From the classic grained white to modern choices like Cotswold green, the collection caters to all needs.

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