The only way is hup!

Homeowners Tony and Liesel inherited an old conservatory when they moved into their home and felt that at around 20 years old, it had seen better days.

As part of a large-scale renovation project on their home, the couple decided to transform their conservatory into an energy efficient, new extension using the hup! system – and are said to be ‘absolutely delighted’ with their decision.

They commented: “Our old conservatory wasn’t working for us – it was dated, we struggled to achieve a comfortable temperature, and the old polycarbonate roof was very noisy when it rained. As there were lockable doors between the conservatory and the house and due to the issues we had with it, it just remained unused and locked off from the rest of the house.

“We had a vision when we set about transforming the conservatory – we wanted a modern open plan space that would connect with our kitchen and allow us to enjoy our garden without being in the garden.

“It was important to us that the new space was energy efficient, because as part of our home renovation project, we installed solar panels, and so wanted to ensure that this energy efficiency/environmental focus was also carried through into our new extension.

“Our builders, Fairway Construction, told us about the hup! system and it seemed the perfect solution for our project,” they continued.

“We loved how when we were discussing design options, we could put new walls, windows, and doors wherever we wanted on top of our existing base. Our builders explained that had we built the new extension from bricks and mortar, the new walls would have been too heavy for the existing base.

“This meant we would have had to create a new base which would have added considerably to the cost. We chose a solid wall against our boundary wall, a gable style tiled Ultraroof with huge skylights, picture windows in the gable end, and bi-fold doors opening onto our garden.

“When it came to the build it was very quick to take down the old conservatory and then we were amazed that the new hup! was built in just over four days! The speed of the transformation was quite incredible.

“Our new extension is now everything we dreamed of. It’s a beautiful modern room that is open plan to our kitchen, making the whole space very family orientated. We love all being together when cooking and entertaining and the amount of light in the extension and the kitchen is fantastic.

“On the outside we chose render so that the new extension ties in perfectly with the rest of our home and we are delighted with how it looks, both inside and out.

When hup! came along there was an absolute trust right from the start that this was going to be a fantastic product from start to finish and we’re really, really happy with it, in fact, it’s been life-changing!”