The future of fenestration

Kurt Greatrex
Kurt Greatrex

How can Dekko Window Systems help you prepare for the future? Sales director, Kurt Greatrex, explains…

The current cost of living crisis has placed a significant burden on homeowners, making it essential for them to make wise investments that provide long-term value.

In the realm of fenestration, homeowners are increasingly recognising the importance of premium products that offer superior performance and durability – they understand that while cheaper, lower quality options may provide short-term savings, they often result in higher maintenance costs and energy inefficiency in the long run.

This growing awareness has created a shift in consumer behaviour, with homeowners willing to pay more for windows and doors that offer premium aesthetics and colour options, enhanced energy efficiency, noise reduction, and security.

For installers, it is therefore crucial to adapt to this changing landscape and align with the preferences of homeowners. By offering a range of high-quality fenestration solutions, they can cater to the demands of discerning customers who prioritise long-term value over short-term savings.

Premium products not only provide homeowners with improved comfort and energy savings, but also enhance the overall aesthetics of their homes, and this focus on quality can help installers differentiate themselves in a competitive market and build a reputation for excellence.

Moreover, I believe the future of fenestration lies in innovation and technological advancements. Homeowners are increasingly seeking smart windows and doors that integrate seamlessly with their connected homes, and by staying updated with the latest trends and incorporating smart technologies into their offerings, installers can tap into this growing market segment and provide customers with cutting-edge fenestration solutions.

We offer a comprehensive range of high-end products, everything from aluminium windows and doors from premium systems company Reynaers, to Kubu smart security sensors, the very latest in integrated app-based door security.

These aluminium windows and doors boast incredibly strong frames, while their slimline nature allows them to support a wide pane of glass, making them excellent choices for both commercial and cool, contemporary residential properties.

Naturally, these frames more than meet the requirements for insulation, acoustic and thermal properties and will continue to protect homes against the elements for many years.

The Residence Collection, on the other hand, is a premium product aimed at those with period properties and is regularly approved for installation in conservation areas as replacements for traditional timber.

Finally, if you’re looking to supply top-quality windows and doors that will withstand the worst of weathers while maintaining a fine appearance, look no further than our Deceuninck PVC-U range – and especially our new fully seamless window, manufactured using unique Graf weld technology, and a world first product exclusively from Dekko.

Investment in quality

It’s certainly a changing market out there, and there are of course many cheaper products available to the end user. But at Dekko, we believe that most homeowners are smart enough to understand what quality means, and why spending a little more on a product is, more often than not, a good decision for now and for the future.

Therefore, with continual investment in the right products, installers, I believe, will flourish, with Dekko at hand for support all the way.

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