The future is bright for the conservatory market in 2022

Over the last few years, the home improvement market has boomed but will this surge continue throughout 2022?

Research from Nationwide Building Society found the average price of a UK home was almost 15% higher in November, compared to March 2020.

With rising house costs and stamp duty firmly back in place, it won’t be a surprise to find homeowners are more likely to repair, maintain and improve their homes in 2022 – rather than putting their property on the market. This is because renovating and revamping existing living spaces, and unused rooms, will be the most affordable option.

Multi-functional living spaces will also be here to stay for 2022. This follows a recent government report which revealed 85% of Brits were expecting to adopt a hybrid working model after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Although sharing time between the office and home working is the preferred option for many UK workers, according to a survey, over a third (38%) confessed to planning improvements to the design of their home office, after a year of working from home, to make it more suitable.

With hybrid working becoming the new normal for Brits, those without a proper home working set-up will see next year as the perfect opportunity to create one – especially with new social distancing measures in place across the UK.

A conservatory is a great example of a living space which could be used as a home office. But more times than not, this area of the house goes to waste. This is because regulating the temperature, in a traditional conservatory can be a nightmare.

The solution

SupaLite tiled roof replacements are the perfect product geared for creating a more usable temperature-controlled space. With lightweight aluminium beams and rafters, 100mm high-density and high-performance ExtraLight roof tiles, the SupaLite tiled roof system is hard-wearing and provides outstanding thermal efficiency.

The product is subject to both thorough testing and extensive research to guarantee a system which is compliant, resilient and compatible with all roof styles. Additionally, it’s easy to install and fully accredited for Building Regulations approval.

The SupaLite tiled roof replacements instantly transform any tired conservatory into a usable living space, free from wind and rain noise, leaks and extreme temperature fluctuations.

For homeowners who are looking to invest even further and fully renovate their old conservatories, SupaLite has also developed a hybrid roof system called SkyVista which combines the legendary lightweight tiled roof, with high-performance glazed feature panels.

Available in a full array of design, colour and tile options, compatible with many conservatory styles and providing excellent U-value properties, SkyVista gives consumers an unrivalled thermal performance and enhanced levels of natural light.

Looking ahead

Steve Hacking, managing director at SupaLite, said: “With a 15% rise in house prices and the new hybrid working model, multi-functional living spaces will be more sought after than ever in 2022.

“The UK is still facing a lot of uncertainty following the pandemic, and with the recent government guidance to work from home where possible, there’s no doubt order books will be bursting at the seams as homeowners will look to create more suitable workspaces to accommodate this new type of normal.

“Despite the difficulties of the last 21 months, we’ve seen a huge surge in business and our organisation has grown substantially. Most importantly, we’ve successfully continued to maintain a 10-day lead time for our customers, even though the industry faced major supply chain issues.

“We believe 2022 is looking like a great year and we have many exciting things in the pipeline. From enhancing our existing products to introducing new items, software innovations and a dedicated retail pricing app for installers.

“We’re looking forward to another big year at SupaLite, where we’ll no doubt be working to maintain our lead time and also strengthen and expand the business, and our offering, even further.”