The fitter friendly lantern roof

Liniar’s secondary operations director, Daryl Fradley, explains the benefits of the Elevate system.

Opening up a room from above with a lantern roof is an increasingly popular way to deliver a naturally well-lit interior.

Liniar’s Elevate lantern roof system was designed with input from our customers, and delivers an installer-friendly, sustainably manufactured solution that combines slim sightlines, excellent thermal performance and superior weatherproofing.

Easy ordering and installation

Elevate is supplied as a made-to-order kit, either glazed or unglazed and containing everything required for an efficient installation.

Kit sizes are available up to 2.4 x 5.4m as well as a square version – Elevate2. Installation is so straightforward it can be done in around 30-minutes, meaning minimum disruption to occupants!

Elevate is available on a short lead time and we can typically deliver orders within 5-7 working days. Between being straightforward to order and install, the Elevate system helps ensure customers can plan and deliver their building projects on time and within budget.

Customisable and high performance

Manufactured in the UK at the same facilities as the entire Liniar range, Elevate is an example of homegrown design and innovation.

Customers can personalise their roof, with 36 colour combinations, and glazing options to suit the application.

And because Elevate’s foil finish is applied in the same state-of-the-art lamination hall as Liniar’s full range of windows, doors and outdoor products, it’s perfectly colour matched and great for incorporating into wider building projects.

Elevate also benefits from Liniar’s patented technology, which includes a glazing retainer (glazing stop) that prevents glass slippage, and a unique weather dam that delivers outstanding protection against the elements.

Furthermore, Elevate’s EnergyPlus twin-walled top caps ensure superb energy efficiency and a robust fit, delivering comfort and warmth to occupants whilst reducing the likelihood of installer call backs during bad weather.

Versatile in close quarters – a case study

For homeowners with smaller properties in close proximity to their neighbours, there are options available that solve any privacy concerns.

We’ve seen customers coming up with great ways to make sure homeowners can enjoy the benefits of a lantern roof without leaving their living space in open view of neighbours.

For example, Hinkley-based Eco Window Systems installed an Elevate roof with frosted glass and the homeowner, Joanne Smith, was delighted with the results.

She told us: “There were various textures and types of frosting, but we just wanted opaque for complete privacy. At first, we thought this might reduce the amount of light coming into the room, which is one of the biggest benefits of having a lantern roof.

“We needn’t have worried though! Since the roof’s been fitted, we receive tons more sunlight into the room and we’re finding we don’t use the lights as much which is saving us money on our energy bills!”

Eco Window Systems director, Tim Moore, described why the company chooses Elevate: “We enjoy working with Liniar products since the design and build quality is always second to none. The customer service and technical support we receive from the Liniar team is also exceptional.

“Liniar has gained a reputation for manufacturing products that are easy to work with, which is great for fitters, but it also means we can minimise disruption to our customers’ lifestyles by getting work done quickly without compromising our standards.”

With testimonies like this, you can see why we’re really proud of the Elevate system. Our fabrication team takes pride in ensuring each roof kit is finished to the exacting standard our customers have come to expect.