Take the heavy lifting out of glass installation

Transporting and handling glass, for installation and maintenance purposes on commercial and residential projects may be all part of the job but doing so safely and efficiently takes the right equipment and a knowledge of how to handle it with care. Simon Boocock, managing director of CRL Europe, takes a look at some of the options.

Working with glass isn’t without its challenges. As well as the multiple safety guidelines that need to be adhered to, it’s important to consider the potential for hazards and be aware of your surroundings and those of your team members at all times.

Glass is a fairly durable material, once it’s installed, but transporting and lifting glass during the installation process can be tricky, especially if you need to transport large panes for a project.  Handling, lifting and installing glass is a skill in itself, made all the easier with the latest professional equipment from CRL.

The CRL S338 Sure-Grip vacuum lifter, for example, combines comfort and performance. Boasting the greatest lifting capacity of any 203mm pump-activated lifter, at 68kg. The ergonomically designed shape of the S338’s soft contoured Sure-Grip provides a comfortable hold during lifting compared to straight, hard handles. Thousands of micro-pads are aligned in the handle material to provide greater slip resistance during lifts for yet another measure of safety.

The fast release feature is attributed to a combination of the S338’s uniquely designed rubber pad and specially designed relief valve placed safely inside the valve’s guard. The pump’s plunger has a red indicator line to show the vacuum level when the lifter is in use.

The lifter can be operated with just one hand too, thanks to the ‘Press and Pump’ attachment, a special rubber pad lip that enables one hand attachment of the vacuum lifter with only light pressure, increasing safety when repositioning the lifter on large vertical glass installations.

CRL Wood’s Powr-Grip vacuum cup is equally as effective at making glass lifting simple and safe on site. The specially designed, hand actuated cups operate on a pump system, creating a vacuum under their gripping pad section.

The pump plunger has a red band to indicate suction level at all times. When it shows less than 100% vacuum left, the plunger can be pumped until the original vacuum pressure is reached, without removing the cup from the glass. The 203mm diameter pad has a 57kg lifting capacity, while the release valve lever permits quick and complete release, maximising efficiency when working with glass.

The CRL Glasstrax glass dolly makes it easier than ever to move heavy glass smoothly and safely. With the glass centered on the Glasstrax, its weight automatically pulls the rubber lined sidewalls together, clamping it in place. The Dolly has a loading capacity of 272kg and the more weight loaded, the tighter the grip. Self-adjusting for glass up to 51mm thick, it manoeuvres the load easily, with a tight turning radius.

Large 311mm diameter maintenance-free tires roll over obstacles such as hoses and electrical cords that would normally prohibit the safe transport of glass with front locking caster wheels. When the unloading location is reached, lifting the glass automatically releases the clamp.

Finally, going where other glass dollies won’t, the CRL all-terrain dolly is like having an extra person on the job site. Moving large glass panels across any terrain is safe and efficient thanks to a built-In 203mm Wood’s Power-Grip vacuum cup and set of CRL RB200 roller blocks, making it easy to transport up to 181kg loads.