Space saving and sorting solution

Esquire Glass’s operations director Andrew Stephens explains why the company chose Flat Glass Solutions to supply its glass storage rack installation.

Esquire’s core business is in the production of processed glass panels for the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom industry.

With essential investment over the last three years in state-of-the-art glass processing equipment, along with the ever increasing and changing glass products available, we continue to develop growth into new markets.

Maintaining excellent customer service is paramount, and this means fast turn-around of products that are as many and varied as you can imagine. We found ourselves having to stock more and more glass types, but sometimes in small quantities.

Like many UK companies, storage area and floor area is limited, and this, combined with only having standing A-frames, meant we were storing lots of different glass types in the same rack and in front of each other. Access to all but our highest volume was often troublesome.

We needed to optimise glass storage and access, and considered investing in an automatic concertina style rack. We invited Dave Cahill (or Oz) of Flat Glass Solutions to assist with finding a solution as we knew the company distributed and installed these systems for Hakon Steel, specialists in glass storage and sorting.

With over 40 different types of glass in stock, and only eight static frames, we were spending far too much time sorting through and preparing glass for production. It was obvious that the easiest-to-access glass was being readied for production, sometimes ahead of scheduled production, because it was right there and nothing had to be moved to get the piece we wanted.

This also meant that we inadvertently manipulated production, sometimes causing a last-minute scramble to complete an order. We recognised the need to have a better storage and sorting system, one that allowed us to hold all of the stock while giving ease of access.

We were immediately confident when Oz began to look at the requirement and the solution concepts. He analysed our current stock and usage, our reorder level and quantities, as well as necessary storage volumes, depth and weights. His understanding and knowledge were invaluable.

After his analysis, Oz demonstrated the Hakon storage rack, which is motorised for automatic movement. We were able to integrate six-tonne and three-tonne racks, and can now store up to 120 tonnes of glass in 34 separate racks. All of this in less than 12m. Movement for access is remote controlled, and has both an audible safety alarm and IR safety fencing active during operation.

Flat Glass Solutions’ service and support was fantastic. The machine was delivered and installed on time, and with minimum fuss.

The benefits of this investment are tangible and discernible. We can now access the glass we want in an instant and everything moves automatically.

It is simple to operate, but with built-in safety features, all of which means we have made massive savings in time and effort in preparing the glass we need for production.

For more information, contact Dave Cahill of Flat Glass Solutions on 07887 837508, or visit