Something for everyone

Nigel Bishop
Nigel Bishop

Group sales director, Nigel Bishop, outlines the advantages of Liniar’s conservatory system.

A full Liniar conservatory includes energy efficient PVC-U windows and doors plus aluminium constructed roofs with slim internal sightlines.

Combining the fully matching Liniar range offers a wide range of benefits for fabricators, installers and homeowners alike. From ease of manufacture and installation to first-rate comfort and functionality, the Liniar system has something for everyone.

Easy to work with and install

Liniar products have a well-deserved reputation for being exceptionally simple to manufacture and fit.

The multi-chambered profiles reduce the need for steel reinforcement by up to two thirds against more traditional systems, whilst delivering industry-leading structural integrity. The reduced steel content makes cutting and drilling easier, whilst also lowering the weight of windows, making them less cumbersome during installation.

Liniar conservatory and lantern roofs come in kit form and include everything required to complete the installation quickly and conveniently, with minimum disruption to homeowners’ lifestyles.

A reputation for quality

Besides their robust structural integrity, Liniar profiles are also manufactured with a co-extruded bubble gasket which makes welding and cleaning easier and creates a continuous weatherproof seal.

Not only does this prevent draughts and leaks, it also drastically reduces the likelihood of installer call-backs in the harshest of the UK’s changeable weather conditions.

Liniar is so confident in the quality of its window, door and roof profiles that it offers a manufacturer’s guarantee of 10 years from the date of installation, providing all round reassurance for manufacturers, installers and homeowners.

Here to help

With in-house R&D and technical support departments both comprising highly skilled, friendly and accessible individuals, Liniar is able to provide excellent ongoing technical advice and aftersales support to its customers.

At any stage of a project, the Liniar team is on hand to assist. From structural and U-value calculations to service requests and site visits, customers can rest assured that should they need help, the Liniar team is known for going the extra mile.

Versatile design options

Liniar windows, doors and conservatory roofs are all available in a variety of styles to suite all tastes and situations. Furthermore, whilst the entire range has numerous foiled colours available from stock, it can also be made to order in a huge number of bespoke colour combinations, meaning fabricators and installers can offer their customers freedom of choice to personalise their homes.

Crucially, since all profiles are foiled at Liniar’s state-of-the-art in-house lamination facility, doors, windows and roofs are perfectly colour matched and lead times on special orders are considerably shorter than other alternative systems.

Ultimate in energy efficiency

Liniar has a reputation for having developed the gold standard in thermally efficient systems – its most energy efficient window option is Passivhaus capable, with U-values as low as 0.7 with triple glazing.

A more cost-effective alternative capable of a WER of A+ and a U-value of 1.2 with double glazing, means fabricators and installers can offer customers choices that cater to a range of budget requirements, all ahead of the latest Part L building regulations.

Furthermore, with steel being a highly efficient conductor of heat, the reduced steel content and multi-chambered profile design prevents ‘cold bridging’ and makes the thermal performance of Liniar windows and doors superior.