Service with a smile

Richard Kirman, sales and marketing manager for IG Doors’ trade division, Truedor, introduces his new trade team.

I have written before about the importance of supporting great products with great service – it isn’t a nice to have, it is a must have, and at IG Doors I am delighted to be able to say our Truedor trade team hit the mark every time.

Offering great products and great service was what we set out to do when we launched Truedor back in 2014. Our product offering has gone from strength to strength; the range of styles and colours we now offer is a match for anybody in the industry; and our Truedor Partner Programme which gives installers outstanding marketing support has really caught the imagination.

But still I come back to service. Our delivery performance is good, but what really excites me is the customer support team who really look after our customers in a way any of us would want to be looked after by a supplier.

The ‘trade team’ as we refer to them internally are an outstanding group of people who have come to IG Doors from various backgrounds, but all of whom have one thing in common: a skill and a desire to give customers great support, whether that be technical advice, delivery information or after-sales support, and all done with a genuine smile in their voices. This is customer support in the way that I understand it, and the way I and our customers expect it.

Every one of our team can talk to any customer – they are all technically knowledgeable, they can all look at any order on the system, and they can all answer customer queries to the same level of proficiency (there is no “I’ll need to get someone to call you back”) with the Truedor team – whoever you speak to can and will happily attend to your requests for information.

It is something we are rightly proud of, and as our business continues on its growth pattern we will continue to add more people to the team to ensure we meet our customers’ demands for information about the product or their orders. We won’t let these service levels slip and we know that the work of our trade team is one of the reasons why we have become so successful so quickly and why our customer retention is at such a high level.

Congratulations to the whole team – Fran, Adrian, Julie and Ben, from myself and the rest of the external sales and marketing team – we know that without their work our job would be so much more difficult. We know when we are out on the road that we can refer any of our customers back to the trade team fully confident that they will be supported professionally and knowledgeably.

Yes, we have great products, but as I said at the outset this must be supported by outstanding service, and I am delighted to be able to say that it is.

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