Secure, convenient & smart

Since Winkhaus introduced the first hooked autoLock almost 20 years ago, its AV autoLocking range is said to have delivered a timeline of industry firsts.

According to Winkhaus, the new autoLock AV4 is no exception and continues to innovate, introducing a host of new features and improvements suitable for multiple markets and applications.

Mike Rushen, Winkhaus UK sales director, said: “We introduced AV4 at the FIT Show in May to significant interest from across the industry. AV4’s wider installation tolerances and lower operating forces are going to provide immediate and long-term benefits for fabricators, reducing the need to revisit sites due to warping doors.

“The introduction of smart control and notifications via the Winkhaus doorControl application and blueMatic EAV4+ motor are further enhancements to look forward to later this year.”

The autolock AV4 range consists of the AV4, AV4 Heritage, blueMatic EAV4 and blueMatic EAV4+ motors and the Winkhaus doorControl application. The new AV4 product family is available in a range of backsets and faceplate sizes including U-rail, providing suitability for all door constructions. The autoLock AV4 is an automatic multi-point locking system which locks automatically when you pull the door closed, without the need to lift a handle or use a key.

autoLock AV4 benefits:

  • Widest installation tolerances: With an optimised hook design, the autoLock AV4 has the widest installation tolerances, reducing the need to adjust the lock through the life of a door, saving time and money.
  • Lowest operating forces: With 40% lower operating forces than the market leading AV2.
  • Non-handed Being a non-handed lock, autoLock AV4 is designed to simplify ordering, manufacturing and inventory process with 50% reduction in parts.
  • Solid anti-push back hooks: The door locking system features two solid hooks which throw automatically when the door is closed, ensuring complete engagement of the hook and security against the lock being pushed back, as proven by PAS24.
  • Central magnetic trigger: Located in the central position, the magnet activates the trigger once the door is fully closed which reduces the risk of damage to the door frame.
  • Heavy duty steel keeps: Heavy duty keeps manufactured using high grade steel, plated to comply with EN1670 Grade 5, for very high corrosion resistance.
  • TaFa – the innovative daytime latch: An innovative daytime latch allows the door to be opened from the outside without the use of a key. Single hand actuation for flexible entry is useful when instant access is needed over a short period of time.

autoLock AV4 Heritage

The autoLock AV4 Heritage is a modern multi-point locking system with a heritage cylinder position comparable to a tradition eye-level cylinder pull. The autoLock AV4 Heritage shares all the benefits of AV4.

The AutoLock AV4 range meets the requirements of the PAS24 standard and is approved by the Police ‘Secured by Design’ security initiative. The autoLock AV4 is suitable for composite, timber, aluminium and PVC-U doors.

blueMatic EAV4 & EAV4+ Motors

The autoLock AV4 & AV4 Heritage can be upgraded to a motorised door locking system using a blueMatic EAV4 motor or blueMatic EAV4+ motor; perfect for those who want to enjoy increased flexibility and features in addition to the all the benefits an autoLocking system provides.

The EAV4+ motor works in conjunction with the Winkhaus doorControl application to enable Smart control, notifications and privacy options for your autoLock AV4 and EAV4+ motor through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi (LAN) connection.