Revolutionising the industry

Neil Travers
Neil Travers

Neil Travers, managing director of Production Software Technology, shares how the company’s innovative software solutions can benefit all levels of the industry.

In today’s fast paced world, the fenestration industry is experiencing rapid growth and evolving consumer demands.

It’s why at Production Software Technology (PST), we’ve created solutions that enhance efficiency, precision and innovation.

PST provides two main software solutions – Virtual Shopfloor and vsHome – which benefit all levels of the fenestration industry.

Designed for fabricators, Virtual Shopfloor provides a library of 3D models of products, as well as installation reports and instructions for CNC machinery.

vsHome, meanwhile, has been designed specifically for installers as an advanced point of sale tool, allowing them to design and bring customers’ ideas to life using the 3D editor.

The innovative companion app, vsHome AR, then allows installers to share their designs with the end user to view in augmented reality.

In addition, PST also offers CAST, a unique cloud-based centralised management solution that provides multi-user access and editing of centrally stored contracts.

So how can PST’s products help you?

With Virtual Shopfloor, fabricators can either choose from a library of 3D model templates or create custom designs from scratch using a free form tool. Manufacturing and installation reports can then be generated with the option to send instructions directly to CNC machinery.

Traditionally, manufacturing involves numerous manual processes which often lead to increased lead times and human error.

With Virtual Shopfloor, computer-aided manufacturing software enables fabricators to automate production workflows, from cutting and milling, to assembly and finishing.

This automation streamlines the manufacturing process, reduces labour costs, minimises waste, and ensures consistent quality across all products, helping manufacturers achieve an impressive flat pack rate of 97%.

Virtual Shopfloor not only revolutionises current processes, but also paves the way for data-driven insights.

By capturing and analysing data throughout the production process, fabricators can identify trends, optimise workflows, and make informed business decisions.

Effective collaboration and communication are vital in the fenestration industry.

This is where CAST comes in, a cloud-based centralised management solution that provides multi-user access and editing of centrally stored contracts.

CAST includes an optimisation manager for batching contracts together and sending them to be processed by saw controllers in a specific order to reduce waste.

The software also includes an integrated statistical analysis feature, allowing for the creation of various graphs and reports using different groups of data to measure company performance.

Because fabricators have access to job information via the centralised storage feature, they can then, for example, look at customers in a particular region and analyse the data on a month-by-month or year-by-year basis.

This information can be incredibly powerful as it lets fabricators look into current trends so that they can fine tune their stocks and their strategies, taking into account geographical regions or different types of home improvement products, for example.

Using this feature, fabricators can also create price forecasts, look at how prices have changed over time, analyse conversion rates, and export all of this data so that it can be used with a spreadsheet or statistical analysis program.

While CAST was originally designed to work with Virtual Shopfloor, PST has recently rolled out a new version that works with vsHome.

CAST for vsHome creates a manageable workflow for companies – for example, as a new lead comes in, administrators can delegate the new contract to a sales rep, who can then pass the same contract on to the surveyor as the job progresses.

It’s the perfect solution for companies with different departments who want to ensure all contract details remain accurate and up to date as the job is easily passed on.

For installers, quoting and pricing can often be complex and time consuming, often leading to frustration from the end user.

With vsHome, installers can generate quotes in minutes, offering a unique sales experience to their customers and ensuring increased lead generation.

The advanced point of sale tool allows installers to design and bring customers’ ideas to life using the integrated 3D editor, and then share these designs directly to the customers smart phone using augmented reality.

Installers then have the option to add pricing and calculate the cost of each job, incorporating finance tools, discounts, markups and custom payment schedules, while also benefitting from the integrated reporting suite which can export branded sales and survey reports at the touch of a button.