Ready for FHS

Martin Benn
Martin Benn

Martin Benn, head of new build at Eurocell, weighs in on how effective window and door solutions are helping to deliver the levels of energy efficiency both housebuilders and consumers are seeking as the current regulatory landscape continues to change, as well as key considerations for planning a renovation or new build project in line with new regulations.

The Future Homes Standard (FHS) is still on track to be introduced in 2025 and with another update from the Government anticipated this month, industry stakeholders continue to work on transforming the UK’s building stock to ensure it adheres to the new energy efficiency and sustainability requirements.

The regulatory amendments being made aim to set a precedent for the development of energy efficient dwellings in the UK, with the goal that homes built from 2025 will produce 75-80% less carbon emissions than homes built under the current Building Regulations, leading the way towards the Net Zero goal in 2050.

At Eurocell we are already Future Homes ready. We have been developing innovative profile systems for some time now that are set to support housebuilders and consumers alike when it comes to finding energy effective window and door solutions for future developments and renovations under the updated regulations.

Our Modus system, which was created after a £3m investment in research and development, is a breakthrough in design, engineering and performance that is a result of the construction sector’s leading designers working to solve some of the most pressing thermal challenges.

We’ve already seen a fantastic uptake and national housebuilders have quickly recognised the effectiveness of this system and have been working closely with Eurocell to successfully incorporate Eurocell’s Future Homes ready model as a fully integrated window and door system in new development plans.

With a unique technical design, Modus is leading the market as the ‘go to’ option for energy efficient performance as well as aesthetics, value and sustainability. Eurocell also provides a service where builders and consumers can work directly with their in-house technical teams to meet specific requirements around G-values.

This already proven, highly effective, and popular integrated door and window solution is now set for further development that aims to continue building the numerous features and many practical benefits that make it a cost effective and shrewd choice.

For housebuilders or owners, I’d always remind them that the four key things to consider when looking at upgrading doors and windows systems in accordance with the Future Homes Standard are as follows:

  • U-values; a measure of how effective a home’s fabric is at preventing heat from transmitting between the inside and outside of the home, it is widely anticipated (although not yet confirmed) that the Future Homes Standard will introduce U values of 0.8 for new build homes.
  • G-values; As part of the ‘fabric first’ approach to new builds under the FHS, the prevention of overheating is a key criterion which can be controlled by bespoke tailoring of G-values depending on our customers SAP requirements. For houses in colder climates, a high G-value is more important for south facing windows to allow maximum solar gain and can capture free heat from the sun. For houses in warm climates or inner cities, south facing windows need a low G-value to reduce solar gain and overheating.
  • Triple-sealed options; Triple glazing is approximately 40% more thermally efficient than A rated PVC-U double glazing, so when working towards an end goal of a more overall energy efficient home, triple-sealed option will offer superb thermal performance and airtightness.
  • BBA Certification; BBA certification indicates that a product is of a high quality within the construction industry. For Future Homes Standard specific criteria, pay close attention to window and door systems that are certified for their thermal properties, weathertightness, and ventilation capabilities when looking for the best energy efficient option for your home or build.