Quality always beats quantity

Rhonda Ridge
Rhonda Ridge

Ab Initio’s Rhonda Ridge, creator of the installer management system, AdminBase, talks about the importance of focussing on quality over quantity when it comes to leads, and explains how a good CRM can help to capture and convert prospects.

For any business to succeed it needs a steady influx of leads. However, while it can be easy to get distracted by the number of enquiries coming in when you’re eager to build a business, it’s the quality of the lead that matters.

High quality leads are the potential customers that are more likely to buy from you. But how do you attract superior leads? How do you qualify them in the marketing process, and how do you ensure a high conversion rate once the right enquiries are coming in? A good management system is a great tool for tracking and helping to convert leads to ensure businesses get the most out of their marketing efforts.

Some marketing channels might generate a mass of leads and you’d be forgiven for thinking they have done their job if they do. It is worth considering, though, how many of these leads will end up buying from you?

It can take a lot of time and resources to qualify leads, so unless a good number end up being converted to customers, this may prove to be a false economy. Businesses that direct their attention to a smaller number of higher quality leads are more likely to achieve a better return on investment.

Information is power

Information is power when it comes to assessing leads, so it is important to measure your marketing activity. By taking a closer look at the campaigns you run and the leads they generate, you can focus future marketing efforts in a more productive direction.

This may sound like a lot of work, but when you have a good management system in place, it becomes much easier to see what’s working well and how much leads are costing to convert.

AdminBase, the installer management system designed specifically with installation businesses in mind, helps to measure marketing activity. The system can run reports on leads to provide an overview of marketing successes. So, if for example an advertising campaign in the local paper generated a lot of leads and all those leads were for single window jobs, while a radio advertising promotion brought in high value jobs, a more informed decision can be made about where to spend the advertising budget next.

Supporting sales

The installer management system also helps to manage the lead once it has come into the business.

All leads can be tracked through to fruition, but the system has been designed to support the conversion of these leads too. For example, it encourages prospects to provide more information up front to enhance the quality of the lead.

We have just added a feature that allows prospective homeowners to submit photos with their enquiries via a home improvement company’s website, encouraging more engagement and more chance of conversion, than forms that simply ask for contact details. This information automatically goes into the AdminBase system so installation businesses have all the information in one place, directly from their website.

Our partnership with Pricepoint Sales also ensures a smooth online user experience from the first point of contact. An online system that helps installers sell their products in the home, Pricepoint Sales is simple and intuitive to use with endless product types featured and professional high-definition images used to create a strong first impression.

It can create customised quotations, and if consumers try to opt for a product combination that isn’t possible due to manufacturing restrictions, the system will highlight it immediately thanks to its clever built-in Manufacturing Intelligence feature.

Streamlining for improved profitability

Lead generation and conversion is an important part of any business, and as with any aspect of a home improvement company, the more streamlined and efficient the process can be, the better.

Incorporating a management system that can track, measure, and quantify leads, as well as support sales teams in converting them, will improve the efficiency and profitability of any installation business.