Promoting technological excellence

David Lithauer, managing director of Vetro Tooling, discusses the company’s new machinery partnership.

Vetro Tooling has been a leading supplier of glass tooling and accessories for more than 18 years, and we are proud to provide our customers with a quality and service second to none.

We also have our own state-of-the-art workshop and engineering team so we can produce bespoke tooling for our customers.

We ventured into the stone trade a few years ago and have gone from strength to strength.Even with the unstable economy the UK is facing with Brexit, our ‘customer comes first’ mentality works.We work closely with our suppliers to provide quality tooling that exceeds our customers’ needs, to create solutions, and provide methods that save time and money.

We have recently partnered with Denver, a market leader in horizontal and vertical CNC machines.We are their agents for glass machinery to the UK and Ireland, and stone machinery in Ireland,north and south.

Along with our long-standing partnership with Mole Moreschi for glass tooling we are proud to have the two of the best Italian agencies in the glass trade.

As both Vetro Tooling and Denver share the same ethos, this is a great opportunity to showcase the quality and service we can provide to our customers.We will be expanding our company, including technicians, so we can offer service plans and take any worry off the customer’s shoulders.

We know that investing in CNC machinery is a big investment in a company’s future, and that peace of mind, with quality and assistance, is of the upmost importance.

Denver’s headquarters in San Marino is the centre of technological excellence and anyone who is seriously interested in investing in CNC machinery will of course get the opportunity to see the specialist machinery where it was created.

In line with the new Denver partnership our fully responsive WooCommerce website, which was newly renovated this year, is currently undergoing more construction by our marketing team to host new content for this side of our business.Our tooling website will not be affectedand is working as usual.We aim to have this live by the end of September in time for Vitrum, Milan,where we hope to see you on Denver’s stand.

For 35 years Denver has provided outstanding quality, state-of-the-art technology, and unparalleled customer service throughout the world.It manufactures machines for the stone and glass industries, and it has a solid commitment to be a reliable partner for all customers, from the demanding craftsman to the modern processing company.

It continues to strive to improve its machines from the design stage up to the ancillary services, and aims to deliver real value to all customers.We particularly agree with its company motto: Be clever.

What sets us apart is our own workshop, which allows us to manufacture our own wheels made from highest grade Italian diamond, and our vast knowledge in the trade; we aren’t just a reseller, we know our stuff.

Over the years we have worked with our partners in Italy to produce quality, bespoke tooling which has solved many of the everyday problems our customers face.We also offer a re-grind service to prolong the life of your tools, and our sales team is always on the end of the phone or are available to visit factories.

Is a very exciting time for us.Having visited the premises of Denver in Italy, and meeting like-minded people in the values our companies share, I am confident we will get the support needed and that the relationship will be positive for us while raising the profile of Denver.

We will make Denver the number one CNC machine for glass and stone in the UK and Ireland.