Progressing the pipe dream

Innovation is a word that is often talked about within the fenestration industry, and something that all businesses should strive towards. Origin’s Ben Brocklesby explains how Origin sees so many organisations start out with good intentions but then fall by the wayside when they realise the cost and time needed to turn an idea into a reality.

At Origin, we put a huge onus on innovation, which allows us to add to our already ‘gold standard’ of service offered to our partners.
In 2016, we launched Origin Sale Safe (OSS), an online quoting and ordering system. It was designed, developed and built in house to help partners quote and order products from the Origin Home range with accuracy and efficiency. It improves the ease and speed of ordering, as well as minimising the risk of any costly mistakes.

By simplifying the overall process associated with ordering, partners can save time on admin, turning around orders in record time (in less than five minutes) and increasing overall productivity and sales pipeline.

After conducting an assessment into the industry’s quoting and ordering process, Origin identified a flaw in the traditional system; we felt that this could be dramatically improved.

With this in mind, our software development team designed OSS. It was, however, not all plain sailing, and it was a while before we felt comfortable unveiling it to our partners. Today we can reflect, knowing that the benefits were worth the investment, especially with it syncing so neatly with our existing systems, allowing for a far greater level of efficiency.

When we first launched OSS, we did so with the Origin Bi-Fold Door and Origin Window on the system. As OSS has become more intuitive, and our partners have become more accustomed and adept at using it, we have added the Origin Residential Door as well. In fact, since we added the Origin Residential Door to OSS last month, the requests we have had for it have increased exponentially, sales have reached record numbers and the feedback has been outstanding.

Although OSS started out as a pipe-dream – through an unrivalled understanding of the market, a huge internal investment, and the drive to constantly improve and innovate – we were able to create a technology that is revolutionising the way our partners quote and place orders.
This level of efficiency has meant that projects they can be completed quickly and accurately, which allows installers to improve overall customer service, satisfaction levels and profitability.