PR pictures: be different

By Adrian Toon, director of a2n.

There seems to be a lack of imagination when it comes to taking pictures of staff events – such as new starters, career highlights, and awards, to name a few.

The first thing that springs to mind when needing that image taken is the handshake picture with the incumbent outside the premises with the company logo in the background. I know, because I have done it myself.

While this captured image ticks all the boxes, once you have seen one, well, you have pretty much seen them all. Don’t get me wrong, I think the promotion of these events in your company make excellent news and shows your commitment to staff, your most treasured business asset, but try and think outside the box.

Possibly take an on the job photograph, a staff induction/training photograph, a photograph with their work colleagues, just anything that would be different to what would be expected.

The more that the image stands out for its difference, the more likely the editor of the magazine or newsletter will pick up and use the copy.

Being different is what it’s all about and that also shows that your business and employees also seek to do things differently, it’s what makes your business stand out from the crowd.