Pigs can work together

Andy Ball, managing director at Balls2 Marketing, says by working together, more businesses will survive the Covid-19 crisis.

The speed of change with Covid-19 is like nothing I’ve ever witnessed before.

Government guidelines can be issued one day, then superseded the following day, and in some instances complete u-turns made.

At the time of writing, the government says it’s backing UK businesses, but there’s no information of how claims can be made. And people who are self-employed are still waiting to see what the support package will look like.

So, how, as communications experts, can we disseminate information that’s changing so fast? The answer is social media and email.

This isn’t a time for being precious about information. It’s about getting good information to as many people in the supply chain as possible, including system companies, fabricators, component manufacturers and distributors, and installers.

That’s why we will use Pigs as the platform for sharing this information. We know there are other fantastic organisations doing this too – like Certass and Window Fitters Forum – and we will like and share where we can.

This is the most amazing industry, and when we do the face-to-face events, you can see even the fiercest of rivals catching up. Now we will transfer that face-to-face camaraderie to online, with the Pigs (People in Glazing Society) social media platforms at the centre.

We will post what we can, and ask everyone to pitch in, pose or answer questions. It’s going to be tough for the country so let’s work together as an industry, so as many as possible will come through to the other side.

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