Performance you can trust

Martin James
Martin James

Dutemänn has claimed the first PAS24-2022 pass for its Glide-S patio. We talk to managing director, Martin James, to find out more about why Dutemänn insists on stringent, in-house testing rather than simply relying on system house figures.

Testing is part of Dutemänn’s DNA,” explains Martin James, managing director. “I strongly believe that you can’t just rely on ‘trickle down’ standards that are provided by system houses.

“And with regulatory requirements becoming even stricter, it’s more important than ever that our customers can have the utmost confidence in the products that we’re supplying them.

“You can only really do that if you’ve tested products independently, and in the exact specification that you’re supplying, rather than putting all your faith into third party data,” he continues. “It makes a massive difference for our customers, they can sell our products with 100% certainty that they’re fit for purpose.”

One of the key influences behind Dutemann’s in-house testing policy was Martin’s previous role at a leading hardware firm.

Home to an independent, UKAS approved testing facility, he was given a valuable insight into what he describes as ‘the dark arts’ of testing and also how some doors that were supposed to be compliant to security standards were often found to be easily compromised.

“I remember being flabbergasted at how easily it was to break into some doors that were supposed to be up to standard,” he says. “Some products would just fail completely when put through test procedures.

“It’s this experience that makes me want to see our products being tested with my own eyes, so that I can fully trust the results and it’s why we decided to put our Glide-S lift and slide patio through the new PAS24-2022 testing.

“It’s obviously a more rigorous procedure,” he adds. “The updated test requirements for the centre mullion are much tougher for example, because it twists as well as pulls, and that really does put a huge amount of force into the door.

“We made some improvements to ensure that it was strong enough, but we’re very happy with the results and we can now offer our customers a door that not only delivers class leading aesthetics but the highest standards of security as well.

“In fact, as far as we’re aware, the Glide-S is the first lift and glide patio door to achieve the PAS24-2022 accreditation, which is great news for our customers.”

Dutemänn’s Glide-S door, which features a mullion of just 38mm, is said to be the slimmest double track lift and glide patio door on the market.

Capable of handling maximum panel weights of 400kgs, each panel can be made to 3.3m x3m with sealed units of either 28mm or 44mm.

Other key features include the option for a pocket system, creating the potential for even more uninterrupted glazing, low thresholds, premium hardware, a wide choice of track options, over 200 RAL colours with a Marine Grade finish if required and energy efficiency performance that meets the latest requirement for Part L.

“While we still sell lots of bi-folds, our Glide-S patio door offer remains a very desirable and popular option for projects that demand large expanses of glass,” says Martin. “Bi-folds are great for smaller applications, but at the top end of the market, people want as much glass as possible.

“With Glide-S, you can really make the most of a stunning coastal or rural property, because you can fill a 6m wide aperture and only have one, thin mullion to break up the view.

“And with Glide-S, that aesthetic appeal is backed up with class leading security and performance,” concludes Martin.

“It’s a compelling offer for end users and an extremely attractive solution for our customers as gives them a way of making the most of ongoing demand for premium, high value products.”