Perfect home for work, rest and play

Home is where the heart is, a statement that resonates more than ever in 2020, says Gary Dean, MD of OnLevel UK.

During the year we have all seen far more of our home interior than we expected we would, with lifestyles and working practices changing dramatically.

The home is no longer just a place for relaxation, it’s a gym, an office, a classroom, a multifunctional place tailored for a range of activities.

Our living rooms and kitchen tables have become hubs for zoom calls, and shared office spaces for husbands and wives. Homeworking is now commonplace in an ever-changing ‘working’ world.

As we quickly adapt to new practices and extended home life, the importance of wellbeing is paramount. Ensuring your home and work space is welcoming, calming and light filled will dramatically assist your mindset and productivity.

Thankfully, for several years architects and designers have been creating spaces with specific emphasis on the influence they have on the well-being and health of the individuals that occupy them. We can take inspiration from their ideas and incorporate them into our own homes and personal spaces.

Glass is a fantastic building product, due to its thermal, structural, safety and aesthetic benefits. However, one of its key benefits is its inherent ability to transmit light, allowing it to flood into interior spaces. The benefits of natural light for improving wellbeing are relatively well acknowledged. Home interior spaces that have restricted light, such as halls and stairwells can be rejuvenated by a frameless glass balustrade staircase for example. Furthermore, Juliet balconies can provide the perfect opening to capture natural sunlight and bring it into the home.

Glass is the go-to choice for a broad range of applications in the home. From balustrading, shower screens, and balconies to fully glazed facades and roofs, glass is a multifunctional material.

When used effectively our homes, glass can embrace natural light and all the benefits sun light gives. Smartly designed homes and workspaces can rebound and filter natural light into awkward spaces, and allow for rooms to be flooded with light throughout the day, bringing obvious wellness benefits.