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Behind Roseview’s sash windows are committed, hard-working professionals united by the desire to see the company become the “best sash window fabricator in the world”. Glass Times meets a few of them.

Roseview’s sales director Richard Burrells believes that outstanding products and outstanding service are the two key elements a business needs to thrive.

“It’s our amazing factory team that lets us achieve the first,” he said. “We’re lucky enough to employ some of the most skilled and experienced product designers and machine operators in the industry.

“But our fantastic sales and customer care team means we can provide the second. In the press and in our culture more generally, the focus is overwhelmingly on the factory, and the people who physically put products together. But at Roseview, we’re clear that without the dedication of our office staff, we wouldn’t be the business we are today.”

Trade sales manager Stacey Calvert said: “I first joined Roseview as an admin assistant six years ago. I was young and moved down from Newcastle for the job, so it was quite a daunting prospect at first.

“But I quickly realised that this was exactly the kind of company I wanted to work for – friendly and supportive, but also priding itself on offering the very highest standard of customer service.

“Now I’m trade sales manager, it’s my job to maintain that standard – working alongside Richard and the rest of the customer care team to manage our trade accounts.

“For me, it’s all about personal service. When we take on a new customer, I like to be involved from the very beginning, and make sure they know they can come to me with help for anything, no matter how small.”

Supporting Stacey are sales administrators Francesca Plows and Emma Gibbins.

“My role has three key responsibilities,” Francesca said. “Firstly, I run our authorised installer network. We generate leads for our network members and it’s my job to filter those leads through to approved Roseview installers all around the country.

“Secondly, I liaise with customers on delivery dates. And thirdly, I’ve recently taken over Roseview’s social media, which I especially enjoy because it gives me a chance to get creative.

Emma added: “The atmosphere here is really fun and busy, which is great, but everyone is incredibly serious about delivering value for our clients.
“It’s my job to build effective relationships with our customers and any potential customers. I’m the first point of contact for quotes, technical drawings and sales materials, and generally try and be as helpful as I can.”

Richard said the company was lucky to have dedicated and professional people on the team.

“Stacey has played a huge part in making us as successful as we have been over the last few years. Francesca has been doing brilliant work with our social media, while single-handedly keeping our installer network ticking over. And Emma might be a fairly new recruit, having joined us about six months ago, but she’s doing really well, and feedback from customers has been very positive.

“We’re in business to make sash windows – the highest performing, most authentic sash windows available anywhere in the UK – backed by the best customer service in our industry.”

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