Opportunity through partnership

Ben Brocklesby, director at Origin, talks to us about the recently launched Help to Build Scheme, the impact this will have on demand, and what Origin is doing to help support its partners during these predicted peaks.

In late April, the government announced that it would be making £150 million available to make self-building more accessible and more affordable, as part of its ‘Help to Build Scheme’.

The initiative has the potential to change the way homes in the UK are built, with the government predicting it could contribute as many as 40,000 new homes each year. This is welcomed news and presents a significant opportunity for everyone involved in the fenestration industry.

As the initiative starts to pick up momentum, demand will increase, which is fantastic from a new business perspective, but it does put additional pressure on supply chains and cash flow. This means that there is a greater focus on ensuring projects are delivered efficiently and without delay.

At Origin, we understand this necessity, and will continue to support our partners, no matter the demand placed on them. Thanks to our ‘On Time, In Full’ promise, we can ensure that all projects stay on time, on budget, and in line with Building Regulations. Also, because our lead times are as small as 24 hours, it means there is less time between outlaying for the products, getting them installed, and getting paid by the client, which aids cash flow.

Because we are a British manufacturer, we have total control over our entire operation, ranging from sourcing and design, through to manufacturing and delivery. This means that we can be sure every product leaving the factory is of the highest quality and will arrive with our partners on the day they want it.

In fact, we are so confident in our processes and craft that we offer an unrivalled guarantee of up to 20 years, which is double the industry standard. This means our partners can have trust in our products and then specify with confidence.

We also developed a free-to-use, unique ordering and quoting system: OSS, for our partners. All Origin products are available on OSS, which allows partners to create customer projects in just a matter of minutes, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

With all customer information together in one place, and an intelligent cascade system allowing for changes to be applied across a whole order with just one click, our partners can save time on admin, giving them more time to compete projects and find more work.

Significant investment in our stock, and fostering great relationships with our supply chain, has meant that partners can rely on us to provide on time, every time. In fact, this is an area of the business we work very hard on, because it means that even during economic uncertainty, or in the middle of a pandemic, we can always deliver.

Origin partners must see the Help to Build Scheme as a substantial opportunity to grow their business, safe in the knowledge that we will be there to support them every step of the way.

For anyone not currently operating alongside Origin, if the prospect of increased demand and increased profit is exciting, we can help.