New marketing support package

Selecta Systems has introduced a new marketing support package that consists of a set of marketing brochures and Connect, a website-based Selecta Support Centre for its fabricator and installer base. Marketing manager Mark Walker explains what’s new.

We launched a big and bold full product brochure just over 12 months ago – ‘Your Home Made Beautiful’ – which proved immensely popular. Following on from that success, we have launched a series of supporting retail-based 12-page mini-brochures – one for each product.

This means the consumer now has more information and images from the product dedicated brochures, while our fabricators and installers have a professional range of sales support materials to promote their products.

We have extended the marketing support brochures further by adding sales and technical information sheets to the range, which focus more on the trade and commercially minded customers’ requirements.

The new marketing and sales support brochures are also available to customers as digital flip books, and can be embedded in to their websites or used on their social media channels. Also new to Selecta customers is the ability to have the digital brochures branded with your logo and contact details.

A web-based Selecta support centre, Connect, will initially provide customers with the complete range of marketing and technical support materials, and will be available 24/7 through a dedicated online customer portal.

Connect will also enable customers to interact with Selecta more freely and it has been designed to expand and provide further sales and support tools, product designers and online ordering systems.

Customers having direct and immediate access to the whole range of marketing and technical information is important. An asset library of images, brochures, marketing and technical information sheets, product videos, fabrication and installation guides, order forms, and the like, will be easily accessible at any time. Connect will be an online portal full of the latest and most up-to-date information available at your fingertips, any time, day or night.

Furthermore, we still believe in providing the personal touch. Donna and Michele provide this internally by looking after more customer specific marketing and sales support requests, while delivering that vital communication link between supplier and customer. This is further backed up by Steve and Dave, who cover the length and breadth of the UK, supporting our increasing customer base.