New email marketing platform

More than 700 users use Salestracker from Insight Data, the online prospect database that provides in-depth market intelligence and contact details of 60,000 potential sales leads – from fabricators and installers to architects and builders. Jade Greenhow, general manager, discusses the latest development from the ten-year-old marketing and lead generation company.

Busy sales people find Salestracker’s mobile version invaluable for one-to-one prospecting while the built-in CRM system enables companies to track leads and manage all of their sales and marketing in one system.
However, marketing departments still had the headache of managing data lists with a third-party email marketing software. Insight Data has now addressed this problem, following a two year and £250,000 investment in an all-new email marketing technology, STEM.
Until now, marketing managers had to select and build a target list in Salestracker, export it to a spreadsheet, import it to an email marketing system and effectively manage two different systems. Following up email ‘opens’ and ‘click throughs’ was arduous, and any enquiries that came through simply ended up in someone’s inbox with no way to track sales results.
Insight Data has transformed the entire process with the launch of STEM. The system is an integral part of Salestracker while having the features and power of high-end email platforms such as MailChimp, DotMailer or Constant Contact.
Users log-in to Salestracker and build their email campaign using the STEM feature. The campaign will automatically be mobile optimised for smartphones and users can easily drag and drop images and text boxes to create the design.
A landing page is created in the same way, so recipients are able to click a link in the email to complete an online form to request further information, download a document, or book a meeting.
Next, the user selects a pre-saved Salestracker list of contacts and schedules the campaign to send.
This is where the magic happens: STEM tracks the entire campaign activity. Opens and click-throughs are saved as a follow-up list within Salestracker so sales people can easily follow-up ‘soft leads’ by telephone or personal email.
Meanwhile, when a recipient clicks through to the landing page and completes an enquiry form, the enquiry is automatically saved in Salestracker as a sales lead linked to the recipient’s database record.
Marketing managers can build, send and manage email campaigns in a fraction of the time with full tracking of the campaign and enquiries, and advanced reporting. Sales people have instant access to hot sales leads, all managed within Salestracker so they never forget to follow-up, while having all the information they ever need at their fingertips; from full contact details to product and supplier information and even credit rating.
Behind the scenes, STEM automatically removes unsubscribes and company records marked ‘do not contact’, so that all data management and compliance is maintained.
Companies no longer need to use a separate email software system. Insight Data customers can manage their prospect data, CRM and email campaigns all within Salestracker, saving time and money, producing better results, and taking care of compliance all at the same time. And as part of the service, we provide start-to-finish training and support.
Several customers, such as super-fabricator Astraseal, have already dropped their old email system and moved to STEM and are delighted with the results.