Modern meets traditional

Whether designing a new build with an ‘old soul’ or renovating a property with a traditional aesthetic, the choice of windows can make or break the overall look, according to Dawn Brickwood, marketing director for Veka Group.

For heritage projects in particular, the balance between a classic style of window, that is in-keeping with the integrity of the building and its location – and up-to-date specification, when it comes to efficiency and security – is not always easy to achieve.

Although a highly sought after style; sash windows have a reputation for being extremely draughty plus difficult to open and close properly, which can even make them unsafe to use. Add to that the problem of peeling paint every few years and your once-beautiful and totally British-looking windows can become an eye sore that are stuck shut.

Furthermore, in commercial properties, such as schools and hospitals, the constant upkeep can be a massive drain on resources.
Two products from Veka Group, however, offer a practical solution to an age-old problem. That is, how to get the traditional look of a sash window but with the modern performance of PVCU.

First, the Veka Vertical Slider, one of several new Veka products launched at the FIT Show in May, embraces classic design cues to create a window that is suitable for conservation areas and listed buildings, while offering features and benefits that would be entirely at home in a luxurious new-build development.

The system couples the industry’s leading fully sculptured PVCU profile with practical options and innovations, such as sash stop end caps (to protect the profile from debris), run-through sash horns for an authentic period appearance, clip-in horns, or for a more contemporary look, no horns at all.
The Veka Vertical Slider system is available fully mechanically jointed with the option of a deep bottom rail, and both sashes can be tilted inwards for better ventilation and easier cleaning. A bottom gasket minimises draughts, and there are a variety of opening options.

It combines the simplicity of Georgian-era elegance with modern fenestration techniques. The result is a clean and classic look,that’s perfect for both heritage residential renovations and contemporary commercial projects alike.

Available in 28mm double glazed units or 36mm triple glazed units, the Veka FlushSash can easily achieve an ‘A’ energy rating.

At Veka we always consider the fabricator, installers, and the end user when it comes to designing and developing new products.

The heritage look is huge at the moment, not just for renovation projects, but in new builds too. Architects across the board need to consider energy efficiency and usability as the well as the appearance of the property, so we really wanted to create something that looked stunning and had a modern specification.

These are beautiful windows that can be used in listed buildings – which in the past have caused major issues for homeowners – but can also achieve A+ and A energy ratings for the Veka Vertical Slider and the Veka FlushSash respectively.

Also, as both products are available in the full spectrum of ‘Variations’; Veka’s 29 strong palette of colours and wood-grain finishes, you can tie your new windows into the design of any building. For many, the maintenance of timber windows is especially off-putting when it comes to heritage properties, but with the selection of woodgrain finishes in the Variations range, you can achieve a classic look with none of the upkeep.