Are You Customer Ready?

Selecta Systems marketing manager, Mark Walker, talks about the use of digital marketing and on-line platforms as a way of being customer ready; in the event of consumer demand starting to cool and when the market starts to become more ‘competitive’.

After two years of consumer demand at levels not seen for many years, we ultimately see ourselves heading in to 2022 and beyond speculating how this and next year will possibly pan out.

Taking into consideration that the last couple of years has been fraught by supply chain issues and rising costs, it has remained a challenging, yet prosperous time for many involved in our industry.

Whilst this demand has been welcomed, investment in marketing and support may have been put on the back burner. I’ve always said it’s very easy to fall into the trap that when business is good, some may think you don’t need to invest in your marketing and customer support.

I believe that it is probably the perfect time to invest for the future good of the business and customers. It’s certainly far tougher and more costly to market and build your business and brand, to generate new and maintain existing business, in bad times than it is in good times. So how well prepared are we all if and when consumer demand does start to cool?

What has been made very clear is that customer service, support and care is as important as ever, irrespective of how good a product’s qualities are. Investment in these areas is key to not only maintaining existing business, but also attracting future business once the market becomes more competitive.

What is now apparent, is that we are now well and truly entrenched in the digital age and these last couple of years has undoubtedly transformed buying habits. Enhanced websites, interactive product designers and ordering systems, lead generation tools, customer support portals and social media presence are now more of a must, than just fancy like-to-have luxuries.

Digital marketing and on-line solutions should undeniably form part of any forward-thinking businesses marketing plans. There is now a more distinct prerequisite to focus on the whole customer experience and support mechanisms, to be able to fully ‘connect’ with a customer’s journey.

A key digital marketing strategy and plan is currently underway to take Selecta marketing and customer support to a whole new level.

Firstly, a revamped Selecta Systems website is on its way, being responsive, informative and easy to navigate. This will be supported by a completely new homeowner website, full of consumer based information and a ‘find a fabricator / installer’ function, a simple and effective lead generation tool for our customers.

On average, 20-25 homeowner leads per week are currently captured on our existing Selecta website, which are passed on to customers. The new websites lead generation capture and reporting functions will provide a far slicker and sleeker platform for consumers, whilst the planned homeowner inspired digital marketing campaigns will push further traffic to the website.

There are also arrangements for further website and on-line add-ons to enhance the homeowner experience and support our customers further, with the intention of generating additional sales leads.

There are also plans in place to ‘stay connected’ with the Selecta customer base, with our on-line customer support portal, Connect, which is accessible through our website undergoing a major upgrade with a host of new features that will further support, expand and improve the customer experience.

At Selecta, our focus has always been on providing a personal and extensive customer service and support package, whilst being able to go above and beyond competitors capabilities.

By being independently and family owned, the Selecta structure has always allowed for greater flexibility than the majority of other systems companies. Combining this with the advancements in digital technology and on-line support, we are confident of providing the perfect mix to support and enhance the whole customer journey.