Leading the way in sustainable fenestration

AT Precision has implemented a new in-house recycling scheme and introduced a Recycled Thermal Reinforcement system. We talk to sales director, Michael Hewitt, to find out more.

In an era where fenestration companies are increasingly required to operate more sustainably, the industry at large is now actively seeking more sustainable solutions to reduce its carbon footprint.

One company that’s actively working to introduce greener operations is bi-fold hardware supplier AT Precision, thanks to a ground-breaking, in-house recycling scheme and the introduction of a Recycled Thermal Reinforcement (RTR) system – an initiative that not only showcases the company’s commitment to sustainability, but also highlights the positive impact that recycling can have on the fenestration industry.

A shift towards sustainability

Recognising the abundance of unused PVC-U materials within the industry, AT Precision has taken a proactive approach by launching its innovative recycling scheme, in which the company collects surplus materials from its customers, ensuring that nothing goes to waste.

By grinding and melting down the collected PVC-U, AT Precision transforms it into high-quality screw retention profile bars, effectively closing the recycling loop and reducing the industry’s reliance on virgin resources.

Sales director, Michael Hewitt, explained: “Our innovative recycling scheme relies on the collaboration of our customers – by reaching out to our customer base and encouraging them to dispose of their unused PVC-U materials through the scheme, we’re not only helping our clients manage their waste more sustainably, but we’re also compensating them by paying them for the value of the materials.

“This approach creates a win-win situation, fostering a spirit of environmental responsibility within the fenestration industry.”

One of the notable outcomes of AT Precision’s recycling scheme is the introduction of the Recycled Reinforcement (RTR) system, a cutting-edge procedure that leverages the recycled screw retention profile bars to enhance thermal efficiency, quicken installation processes, and guarantee a minimum lifespan of 35 years of fenestration products.

“The RTR system serves as a testament to how sustainable practices can deliver tangible benefits both for the environment and for our customers seeking energy-efficient solutions,” Michael says.

A sustainable future

AT Precision’s commitment to sustainability is reflected in its significant investment in expanding its manufacturing facility by an additional 10,000ft2, an expansion that not only accommodates growing recycling operations, but also demonstrates the company’s dedication to scaling up its sustainable practices.

“AT Precision has built a reputation as a reliable supplier of high-quality, affordable hardware solutions, and by embracing recycling and reducing our carbon footprint, we’re positioning ourselves not only as a trustworthy supplier, but also as a sustainability leader in the fenestration industry,” Michael says.

“It’s a commitment to environmental stewardship that not only strengthens customer trust and loyalty, but one that also attracts eco-conscious consumers who seek suppliers that prioritise the planet alongside product quality.”

AT Precision’s pioneering recycling scheme and the introduction of the RTR system are an important step forward in the UK fenestration industry’s journey toward sustainability. By collecting and repurposing PVC-U materials, the company showcases how collaboration and innovative thinking can contribute to a circular economy within the sector.

AT Precision’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint not only sets an example for other industry players but also positions the company as a reliable and sustainable supplier.

With its focus on environmental responsibility, AT Precision is not only transforming the way fenestration products are manufactured but also paving the way for a greener and more sustainable future.