Knowledge is power

Running a successful business, in good times or bad, relies heavily on accurate data, from both internal and external sources. Glass Times editor, Luke Wood, visits Insight Data, which is now firmly established as the industry’s leading provider of marketing data solutions.  

Established in 2006 by industry veteran, Andrew Scott, Insight Data is now a leading provider of B2B marketing data solutions for the UK’s construction, fenestration and glazing sectors.

Located at a purpose-built headquarters near Bristol, the company boasts a busy team of research specialists, lead generation professionals and software developers that, according to Andrew, are ‘primed and ready to support businesses nationwide’.

“Our primary customer audiences include building product suppliers, manufacturers, fenestration suppliers and glazing manufacturers,” he says. “Our mission is to help create and support reliable connections between our customers and their key target audiences – offering an innovation solution that saves time, money, and valuable resources.”

So how does Insight help its customers to gain a competitive advantage and operate more efficiently?

Andrew explains that by consistently engaging in research, updates, and validation processes, customers are given immediate access to the most up-to-date and precise industry information – in real time.

Conducting over 20,000 research calls each month, Insight Data’s telephone team has amassed over 21,000 contacts for manufacturing and glazing companies that instantly connect users to senior decision makers.

Meanwhile, a stream of external data feeds integrates with the database and allows a specialist team to analyse and validate vast amounts of information – allowing businesses to identify and connect with potential customers, streamline their sales processes, and maximise conversion rates.

“While Insight has always been a fenestration industry data company, we have also developed a number of related databases to help suppliers target customers in the commercial and new-build sectors,” says Andrew.

“Our customers can now target over 19,000 local builders, 8,000 builders’ merchants, major construction firms and regional and national housebuilders, as well as 8,500 architects and specifiers – allowing companies to get their products specified earlier on in the sales process.”

The Insight database is easily accessible to sales and marketing teams through Salestracker, a cloud-based platform that can be utilised on any internet-enabled device.

Salestracker offers comprehensive details about each business, including credit ratings, CCJ’s, and net worth, and access is granted through a straightforward and affordable monthly subscription.

What’s more, the platform also allows the creation, sending, and tracking of email campaigns as well as support telesales teams in leveraging their research too.

“Although the primary reason companies subscribe is for sales and marketing purposes, there is growing demand from companies using our data and services to access market research, identify trends, and develop their understanding of the sector,” continues Andrew.

“In response, we actively contribute to industry knowledge through our annual state of the industry report, live events, and whitepapers. 2024 will also see the launch of our monthly industry insolvency reports, a free resource that’s designed to keep the industry informed and put an end to rising statistics, as well as the completion of our new training centre at our HQ.

“Here, customers will join us for introductory and advanced training on Salestracker and data-driven sales and marketing.”

As one of the most powerful and widely adopted resources available to the industry, innovation remains the cornerstone of Insight Data’s ongoing success.

From its transformative sales and marketing software that instantly connects businesses with their ideal customers, to detailed reports that offer a lens of transparency into the industry – and of course its dedicated team of specialists – the company is fully focused on prioritising the needs of its growing customer base.

And it’s all thanks to the power of data.