In the frame

It is sometimes quite difficult to get the whole product into a picture, especially if there is little room in front of the installation. But what pictures should you take when you complete that project that you are justifiable proud of?

Well, as alluded to above, it is important to get pictures of the complete installation, be it doors, windows or conservatory and make sure it is ‘framed’ just leaving enough room around the installed product to see what it is installed into.

Very importantly, keep the verticals upright on the image, do this by ensuring the camera is held perfectly level and square, check this in the viewfinder.

So we have our, ‘product image’, now go in for some close-ups showing some of the detailing you have achieved, these are great to show clients the expertise of your work. Then finally get some whole building pictures, remembering to frame and keep things square, which shows how well your installation fits in the building and how it improves its looks. For client use, before images are also a good idea, taken from the same position.

Make sure that when you send images into the editor, send a choice of images, if they are great, you may have more than one used with your press release.

By Adrian Toon, Director of a2n