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A full order book going into 2022 can be a double-edged sword for many, with material shortages and supply chain issues still proving problematic. For CDW Systems, however, all the hard work in 2021 will pay off, according to Jeremy Phillips, CDW Systems’ group chairman.

It’s fair to say 2021 hasn’t been without its share of challenges. Like many companies, the home improvement boom has seen us remain hugely busy, but that has had an adverse effect on the supply chain, and problems getting hold of certain products hasn’t made things easy.

But we have reacted as a business to make sure we’ve been there for our customers as best as we can, while making sure that we are ready to be able to hit the ground running in 2022, and I think we’ve done that.

During 2020, we used the time afforded during the first lockdown to look at what our customers wanted and introduced several new Smart Systems products, including the Alitherm Heritage Range, the Aliver Rooflight system, and Designer Doors.

We invested in all three Smart products in response to increasing demand from customers and we wanted to let those products bed in this year.

We have seen them bear fruit this year, with Designer Doors selling particularly well, while the rooflight market is really big now and the demand is definitely there. They have certainly worked very well since being introduced and we’ve barely scratched the surface with them.

We have ensured our customers have been looked after during these turbulent times, and communication has been key.

We are fortunate in that we have excellent relationships with our suppliers, which we have strengthened further this year. Working with our suppliers to make sure we are at the front of the queue and setting realistic expectations for customers has certainly been the name of the game.

We also strengthened our team during the last 12 months to make sure service levels didn’t drop. We now have a full complement of staff on the shop floor and have recruited office staff as well as in the factory.

As one of the UK’s leading and most respected aluminium suppliers we pride ourselves on being a real asset as a supplier with our quality and service, and having everything in place for our customers will stand us in good stead for 2022.

With supply chain problems looking set to continue, and the country slowly starting to get back to some normality, 2022 will throw up opportunities for CDW Systems whatever happens.

The industry is a very different animal to how it was a few years ago and it will be interesting to see what things will be like when people start to go on holiday and the cost of living rises, which is bound to affect order volumes.

But with the government spending a lot on infrastructure, we expect to benefit from that, so if domestic does fall back then commercial will pick up any shortfall, so having that flexibility between the two puts us in a great position.

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