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Mark Dudley
Mark Dudley

Windowlink managing director Mark Dudley discusses technology, and how it’s transformed society since the pandemic.

We’ve finally reached a stage where life has more or less returned to normal after the pandemic.

I’m reluctant to in any way suggest it’s ‘over’ – people are still catching COVID, and probably will be for many years.

There’s always the possibility that a new variant could emerge, and take us back to a situation more like the one we faced in 2020 and 2021.

But for now, the world of lockdowns and empty supermarket shelves feels a long way away.

However, the virus transformed our lives so drastically, and in such a short amount of time, that I suspect many of the changes it brought will be with us for a very long time – some of them permanently.

Take technology. The pandemic threw millions of business owners in at the deep end, forcing them to quickly embrace all kinds of tech solutions as a way of surviving against a backdrop of nationwide lockdowns.

That ranged from the relatively mundane, like drastically increased use of video calling apps like Zoom, to the ambitiously futuristic, like museums and major tourist destinations allowing housebound would-be visitors to experience them using virtual and augmented reality.

In fact, an LSE study found that 75% of businesses had adopted productivity-enhancing tech during the pandemic, and that 70% believed this had increased business resilience.

The fenestration sector is no exception, and dozens of glazing firms have adopted tech that’s helped them make more sales, quicker and easier than ever before.

Vector and Focus, our market-leading software products, make your sales pitches quicker, easier and more effective.

Focus covers windows and doors, and Vector covers glazed extensions – but the core functionality is the same for both.
Helping you manage the sales process from quote through to contract and delivery, they allow homeowners to customise their ideal product, choosing from a vast array of different styles and configurations.

We completely personalise our software for your product range.

Then they can superimpose their chosen design on an image of their home using impressive visualisation technology.

Finally, all the above can be quickly and easily translated into personalised quotes, contracts and reports – helping build trust, and present you as a highly skilled, professional, reputable business.

With Vector, you can also significantly streamline the conservatory survey process, too. Quotations can be turned into a job file that’s sent directly to a surveyor, who can then make any modifications, then send an order to your suppliers.

Streamlining processes

However, while we’ve developed two fantastic software packages aimed at making life easier for installers, that’s not all we offer.

Our production software, designed for small to medium-sized fabricators, seamlessly integrates orders placed by your customers or internal sales team with your factory software.

By streamlining these processes, you’re able to increase customer satisfaction, reduce call-backs, and improve your chances of getting repeat business.

What’s more, you can easily switch to Windowlink software from other programmes, and we offer extensive training to help you get to grips with it.

Our cutting-edge technology helps British fenestration businesses thrive.

Are you interested in learning more about how Windowlink can support you? Contact us today for a free demo, and we’ll show you how we can help your business grow.

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