How technology builds windows

Quickslide’s Adrian Barraclough explains how Quickslide is investing in the latest digital technology to deliver perfect heritage windows.

Quickslide was responsible for popularising affordable replacement box sash windows and we remain one of the market leaders in heritage style windows.

And we continue to invest money and effort in installing the latest technology to manufacture and deliver these traditional frames.

With digital control technology used extensively to produce the frames, the emphasis has now been switched to use technology in the support of Quickslide’s trade customers, with a growing, dedicated systems development team leading the charge.

We’ve always had a trade partner network and have passed on sales leads from homeowners as they are received, and in reasonable numbers too. But we want to do more for them, and have recently made a significant investment in our online systems to provide homeowners with a more convenient route to purchase our products on a supply and fit basis, wherever they are in the country.

The purpose is to produce an increased and more consistent flow of leads for our trade customers.

Now, homeowners can simply enter their postcode to locate their nearest installer who also receives a notification of the interest. This is relatively conventional in its operation but a significant step for a company like Quickslide that remains a committed trade fabricator.

Despite this, we continue to believe that the very best customer support that we can offer is great products, competitively priced and with deliveries that may be relied upon.

Of course, expectations for installer support have moved on dramatically, and the lead generation facility will only be useful if it actually generates enquiries in significant numbers.

We continue to invest heavily in SEO, and our rankings are consistently improving.

And this is already producing substantial numbers of sales leads for our installers, free of charge. We require nothing of our customers in return for this other than, we hope, their continued loyalty. But we also understand that this is only as strong as the last delivery, which means that every facet of our business must be beyond reproach.

Our customers are now enjoying the benefits of a marketing portal that contains a huge library of samples, colour samples, brochures, pull up banners, posters, drop cards, all of which may be personalised and ordered online. This service also connects customers with our marketing department, who enjoy working on special projects with them.

Our philosophy is simple: we all sell more windows and doors and other products by working with common goals.

The planes and chisels used with such great effect to produce the box sash and flush sash-style frames as long ago as the 17th century have long been replaced by technology that would have been branded as witchcraft back then.

But these technological advances are installed and refined for the simple purpose of producing these very popular window styles, as faithful to the originals as possible, in increasing numbers and variations. We wonder what those early craftsmen would have thought of it all.

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