How sales and marketing teams can work remotely

By Insight Data.

The current coronavirus crisis has forced companies to rethink how they operate with remote-working now a priority.

But for many suppliers of building products and home improvements, this will be almost impossible, with manufacturing plants, distribution hubs, transport and front-end installation all requiring people to work together.

However, it is possible for many employees to work remotely, and with Insight Data hundreds of marketing, sales, customer service and telesales teams across the industry are already doing it, from international systems companies to small trade suppliers.

Salestracker is Insight Data’s remote-working platform that provides users with a prospect and customer database with detailed business information on more than 60,000 companies including fabricators, installers, house builders, local builders, contractors, merchants and architects.

It also has a built-in CRM system to help users manage customers, research prospects and track potential customers and leads. Cloud storage means documents can be stored and shared, such as quotes and proposals, so that teams can work from anywhere, at any time, with access to all key information.

Jade Greenhow, operations director of Insight Data, said: “Given the current unprecedented circumstances it is impossible for trade and commercial reps to attend meetings, but using Salestracker they can be productive working from home; speaking to customers, compiling prospect lists and calling or emailing potential customers.

“A lot of companies now use Salestracker to enable telesales and customer service teams to work remotely, as the system records and date-stamps every activity so managers can keep an eye on productivity.”

Marketing managers can use Salestracker to build audience lists and manage email campaigns remotely, and send regular information to customers, or send important communications to potential customers. The system tracks email ‘opens’ and ‘clicks’ which can automatically form a telesales follow-up list, using the system’s built-in telesales module.

Salestracker is designed for large and small teams. Each user is set up with their own profile, so they only access the information and features required by their manager, while the Reports function allows managers to have a clear picture of everything their team are doing.

A special feature of Salestracker is that managers can create a list of business contacts, and ‘push’ this to another team member who can use a simple colour-coding system to mark who they have contacted, spoken to and followed-up.

“Salestracker was designed for both advanced users and non-tech people to use, and we have users of every age and ability,” Jade said. “It is a complete sales and marketing platform designed to help trade and commercial suppliers manage key business functions remotely via desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile devices.

“With 88,000 decision-makers on the database, companies are able to quickly change their business model and target new customer types. Small builders, for example, may generate quicker orders and cash flow than working with large house builders at the minute.”

Given the Covid-19 pandemic, Insight Data is now working flat-out to provide additional training and support on the system, and set-up new users who were previously office or field-based but now need to work from home.

While the primary role of Salestracker is to enable better sales, marketing and customer service, the system also helps companies assess the financial position of customers and prospects via a built-in credit profile which provides a credit rating and details of any adverse credit such as county court judgements.

“We are already seeing some companies struggle financially and it is crucial at this time for organisations to ensure they will get paid,” Jade said. “Salestracker has a credit monitoring system that alerts companies to any status changes such as credit rating.”

Salestracker already has over 700 users in the glass and glazing industry, and the Insight Data team are now providing free training and support during the current crisis.