How Glow is heating up the bi-folds market

Bi-folds are great at maximising the light in your home even on the dullest day. But imagine if they could make it feel more like summer too? Well wonder no longer, as TuffX’s commercial director, Paul Higgins, explains how its new Glow electrically heated double-glazing can do just that.

“Radiant heat is what makes sun feel warm on your skin, and that’s just what our Glow bi-folds feel like, warming people and objects in a room rather than heating space like the convection heat from traditional radiators does.”

Paul is explaining how TuffX’s game-changing introduction of heated double-glazing to the bi-folds market is set to change the way homeowners can choose to heat their homes.

And with newly built homes expected to be required to produce up to 80% less carbon once the Future Homes Standard is introduced next year, this option may become less of a choice and more of an imperative. So TuffX’s eagerly awaited launch of Glow electrically heated bi-folds couldn’t have come at a better time.

As well as new homes having to move from mains-connected gas boilers and radiators to alternatively sourced heating methods, home extensions are also expected to be subject to higher standards too. The popularity of bi-folds in these makes Glow an obvious and compelling solution.

“Glow can reach surface temperatures inside of up to 35-40°c, so in bi-folds it offers a realistic, affordable and efficient alternative to radiators, fires and underfloor heating,” says Paul. “It is thermostatically controlled, switching on and off when needed just like any other primary heating source. And best of all, its clever design means the heating method it uses is entirely invisible.”

How Glow works

Glow features an integrated and unseen heating glass solution on the inner pane that radiates heat into the home. Using infrared technology, heat is generated when an electrical current is passed through the glass, which is layered with ‘intelligent’ conductive coatings.

This means Glow bi-folds look just like regular bi-folds. There are no tell-tale lines (such as those you get on a rear car window) or in fact anything visible on the panes at all. And installation is pretty much the same as any other bi-folds too.

“Glow bi-folds are conveniently designed to connect directly to a 240v home mains supply, which makes installations easy and hassle-free. However, we do recommend the electrical connections are carried out by a qualified electrician,” says Paul.

TuffX provides a comprehensive installation guide with each order and will also be offering its trade partners full training on Glow’s features, benefits and installation.

What your customers need to know

With no need to take up valuable space for radiators, Glow bi-folds are ideal for rooms where space is at a premium, for example in open plan designs or kitchens where wall space is needed for cabinets and worktop space.

Once in place, Glow is maintenance-free, with none of the regular servicing other heat sources can require. And it has the added bonus that it dramatically reduces condensation on panes too.

“Glow bi-folds make affordable, space-saving and environmentally friendly heating available in a smart, fully compliant and efficient aluminium bi-fold door,” says Paul.

“Summer may be on its way but now you can feel the warmth year-round by making your bi-folds Glow bi-folds. At TuffX, we’ve changed what bi-folds can do, and now we’re looking forward to seeing how this will change the way people can heat and live comfortably in their future-proof homes.”