How AI is changing the world

Managing director at Balls2 Marketing, Andy Ball, talks about how the show of new smart technology at FIT Show reflects the big trend for embracing AI – both at home and at work.

As emerging smart technology for windows and doors hit the glazing industry in true style at FIT Show, it seemed fitting to dedicate this month’s column to the way that artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the marketing and communications game.

It’s been high on the agenda for organisations like the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) for some time. It has a big focus on AI for 2019, and its dedicated panel has delivered a research paper and a new #AIinPR tool website to help PR practitioners work smarter with great AI tools.

The great thing about AI is how it’s helping to make our everyday lives – home and work – even easier. As homes become more connected with their Hive, Alexa and Kubu, the working world is getting smarter too.

Here are three great tools that are using AI and machine learning to make working life easier: No-one likes scheduling meetings. That’s why software like has been so revolutionary for small businesses. It’s a scheduling assistant that books meetings for you – all you have to do is CC them into an email. Fantastic for busy marketing teams like ours.

ManyChat. As the trend for live chat continues to grow, there are some great programmes like ManyChat that help companies get going with chat bots at relatively low cost, which is great for companies that want to test the water before they invest in lots of development.

Futurenda. This is a cool time management app that takes your ‘to-do’ list and combines it with calendar events to automatically create a dynamic agenda for you. It will keep an eye on deadlines and adjust your list accordingly. A great tool for busy teams.

AI is going to be one of the most significant changes in all of our lives and it’s great to see the PR and marketing world – and now the window and door industry – embracing this change and delivering fantastic products and tools.