High-rise hardware highs

By Carl F Groupco.

Sales of hardware for high-rise installations are growing, alongside a corresponding focus on specialist fittings, are being reported by our manufacturer partners.

Confirming this trend, growth in demand for housing has led to an expansion of the high-rise construction market, which has been reported by AMA Research.

Hardware designed for reversible windows is an area of attention for the established distributor and, as part of its work promoting fittings to systems companies, Carl F Groupco’s PN-Roto technical team liaised with Liniar providing hardware advice and development input for the company’s new range of windows that will be available exclusively to fabricators from summer 2018.

The established PN by Roto Uni Hinge and Roto TSL Espagnolette fittings supplied by Carl F Groupco, which complement the slimline design of Liniar’s window range, will be sold directly to customers by the hardware distributor.

The new Liniar window, with a moving pane that rotates through a full 180° cycle for easy cleaning inside the property, is suited to high-rise applications. Patented features include Liniar’s co-extruded bubble gasket, thermal dam and glazing flipper to ensure draught-free installation with high thermal efficiency.

The Roto TSL Espagnolette was added to Carl F Groupco’s catalogue in February this year. A twin-cam lock provides PAS 24 and Secured by Design compliant security for outward opening windows, and the option of a 10.5mm cam height makes the espagnolette ideal for use alongside the PN by Roto reversible hinge range. For difficult-to-reach windows, a variant is available with the central gearbox 205mm from the bottom of the espagnolette allowing lower handle heights for side hung windows.

PN by Roto’s high quality gearing is ideal for multi-storey public and commercial buildings, including hotels. Equally suitable for high-rise domestic applications, the gearing is supplied with an integral child restrictor and reverse catch as standard, which ensures safe operation when cleaning the window from the inside.

Aligned to growth in demand for hardware designed to address the challenges of high-rise living, sales of products that support shared entrance accommodation are also increasing. Addressing this, Carl F Groupco’s SmartSecure electronic locking and access control technology benefits a range of installations. The launch of the SmartSecure brand has been the most significant investment in Carl F Groupco’s trading history and, as such, it underscores the confidence of the hardware distributor in the potential for the new technology.

The traditional key is replaced by access control options including ‘SmartConnect easy’. Operated by smartphone, this WLAN-based system provides keyless operation and monitoring. Sensor monitoring of door leaf and bolt position ensures peace of mind as locking status can be verified from any location, whenever required.

AMA Research findings have also shown that multipoint locks comprise 62% of the market, and the proportion of electronic locks within the multipoint sector has increased against mechanical devices. Affirming growth in electronic multipoint door locks, Carl F Groupco reports that SmartSecure has seen a seven-fold increase in year on year sales to end March 2018.

For the new generation of reversible windows and the emerging Smart market, ease of use is key to success – products need to be easy to install, simple to operate and accessible for routine practicalities, such as cleaning.

Carl F Groupco recognises that these are areas for significant expansion with continued hardware developments that will support this sector.


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