Harnessing the power of AI

David Borland
David Borland

By David Borland senior technical officer at the Glass & Glazing Federation (GGF).

The Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF) is charting new paths in the digital era. In an impressive blend of cutting-edge technology and old-world craft, the federation has begun utilising artificial intelligence (AI) to create comprehensive reports for its members through Synthesia.io, a pioneering AI platform.

The reports generated touch upon a wide range of crucial aspects, spanning from technical updates in various sectors to vital health, safety, and environmental news. They also include a closer look into government advocacy, marketing strategies, and training, providing an all-in-one reporting solution.

This shift into AI marks a significant step forward in the GGF’s commitment to serve its members with timeliness, relevance, and efficiency.

For decades, GGF has been a linchpin of the glass and glazing industry, advocating for best practices, standards, and legislation while ensuring the professional development of its members. The move to use Synthesia.io’s AI capabilities is not just an advancement, but a necessity in an industry that’s rapidly evolving in line with technological advancements.

The Synthesia.io platform allows the GGF to transform vast amounts of data into digestible video presentations, accessible at any time by its members. The platform leverages AI to create realistic video content without the need for filming, acting, or post-production – perfect for timely and efficient reporting.

By choosing this route, GGF ensures that its members can keep abreast of the latest developments in the industry from the convenience of their offices or homes.

These AI-generated presentations, complete with industry updates, government initiatives, and training information, will be made available on the GGF website. In addition, members can download these files for internal distribution, providing an easy way to disseminate up-to-the-minute information within their respective organisations.

The introduction of AI in the generation of these reports is not just a novelty, but a strategic move to empower members. The automated yet personalised nature of these AI reports ensures each member has access to data and updates tailored to their needs and interests, enabling them to make well-informed decisions.

As the first of its kind in the glazing industry, this initiative establishes GGF as a trailblazer, showcasing its ability to adapt and innovate to serve its members better. With the ever-evolving nature of AI, the potential applications for this technology in the glazing industry are expansive.

This bold step could pave the way for other industry bodies to utilise AI for efficient information delivery.

This pioneering move by the GGF illustrates the changing landscape of the glazing industry. It is a testament to the federation’s commitment to adapt and innovate to serve its members better and bolster the overall industry in these dynamic times.

As we embrace the digital age, we can expect to see more industry bodies following GGF’s lead, adopting AI to provide efficient, tailored, and up-to-date information to their members. The future of the glazing industry is indeed looking clearer – and it is through the lens of AI.