Going the extra mile for employees

After delivering windows and doors to installers for a quarter of a century, FrameXpress’ director Stuart Green talks about celebrating 25 years in business, as well as reflecting on how its superior manufacturing and care of its employees go hand-in-hand.

It’s an incredibly exciting time at FrameXpress, as 2023 marks 25 years of us doing exactly what we say on the tin – offering a fast, efficient service and brilliantly manufactured products, and it’s in no small part due to our dedicated employees and positive work culture.

For 25 years, we have supplied the highest quality products and delivered on exceptional lead times – helping customers save on time, hassle and money. It’s paid off for us, too. Lead by joint managing director, Mark Westbrook and myself, we’ve experienced continued success over the years; from building a trusted and reliable reputation, to vastly expanding our manufacturing premises in Telford to in excess of 50,000ft2, and carefully nurturing relationships with our base of more than 400 regular customers.

With longevity considered a rarity in today’s business world, achieving 25 years is incredibly significant, and we have to credit a large part of the success to our employee-first mentality across our team of more than 140 people.

Our ethos at FrameXpress has always been built on delivering the highest standards on every product we deliver, and we have the same high standards when it comes to looking after our workforce. For us, one doesn’t work without the other.

Our consistent, on time and in full delivery performance would not be possible without our loyal and dedicated team. Our mission to provide faultless, high-quality products has been imbedded in the business for the past 25 years, and we believe it’s the reason why we continue to grow!

Mark and I have always gone the extra mile to help employees – building on our belief that, what you put into helping the team thrive is a direct result of what you get out of it. In 2022, employees received an above average pay increase. This saw office staff receive a 6% increase, while factory workers’ pay increased by 8% – a notion that was supported and encouraged by our office staff.

Employees also benefit from a ‘Social Fund’ – an initiative run by our employee committee – where £500 a month is put towards funding a range of events, including days out and team activities. Food and drink vending machines are also supplied free of charge, or at vastly reduced prices, ensuring staff have access to the everyday essentials.

Ryan Pickering, customer care co-ordinator at FrameXpress, talks about his experiences at the company: “All of the staff at FrameXpress get on like a family and everyone is willing to help each other. I am always made to feel like a valued member of the team, too, and everything we do is appreciated

“Our hard work is always rewarded. Making small changes, like reducing the cost of food in the vending machines, and offering free drinks is also hugely appreciated.”

No matter how big or small the gesture, we have always committed to helping keep the FrameXpress team in high spirits, which has simultaneously helped product quality and productivity stay at its best.

The success of this is apparent as we have three employees who have been with us for 20 years, while nine of our employees have served 15.

FrameXpress’ credit controller, Sandra Robertson discusses the company’s culture and goodwill, saying: “Being a part of the FrameXpress team, and having a boss who trusts you to get the job done – while providing necessary support when needed – makes work so much more enjoyable. We are all treated fairly, and our hard work never goes unnoticed – it’s nice to be rewarded and recognised for doing a job well done!”

Although we’re proud to be celebrating our 25th anniversary here at FrameXpress, it is the everyday efforts of our team that will keep us growing, to help us celebrate another 25 years. It is those small, but mighty gestures that we will never forget to celebrate!