2017 marks the 10th anniversary of UK Super Spacer manufacturing for Edgetech, and head of marketing Charlotte Davies is planning something special to mark this milestone. Here, she talks about why live events are such an integral part of Edgetech’s success story.

I’ve been at Edgetech for nearly 10 years now and the very first live event I was involved with was opening the manufacturing facility in Coventry. It certainly was a taste of things to come.

Edgetech is well known for its events. The biggest so far was the Triple Glazing Question in 2014, a huge industry conference pulling together speakers from every part of the supply chain. The numbers were extraordinary with over 600 decision makers from the industry.

It wasn’t the first time we tackled big industry subjects. Edgetech’s seminars have covered topics such as emerging trends and changes in legislation, all focused on moving the industry forward positively.

Running conferences on wider industry matters was a bold move for Edgetech as a component manufacturer. However, early on we could see that nobody else was driving the discussion towards cost effective energy efficient glazing, so we became the company willing to put together the expert speakers and facilitate open discussion about industry opportunities.

Whether it’s our annual golf day or a huge event like Triple Glazing Question, we start planning as early as possible. Once we have decided to put on an event, we look at prospective numbers, venues and the logistics first.

I always make good use of event organisers at venues. They often have preferred suppliers, and using their contacts can save valuable time during the planning stage. It makes it easier on the day having an experienced extra pair of hands too. I’ve also built up a good database of trusted suppliers for everything an event could possibly need, from staging and AV through to attention-grabbing presentation design which gives needed reassurance.

My right-hand woman Krishma and I have organised Edgetech’s golf day so many times that we now operate like a well-oiled machine. But we are always looking at things we can do better and still plan every step to ensure nothing is missed.

We believe if people are taking the time out of their schedules then our event needs to be worth their while. Especially when we put on industry conferences we aim to make them as useful and interesting as possible. That is why we focus on big issues and legislation and ensure content is informative and unbiased. They affect everyone in the industry and it means the discussions are relevant to a wider audience. We never take it for granted that people have given up a work day.

When we launch new products and services, we make sure the right people are invited for whom the products are relevant and so these are usually for a smaller audience. This allows guests to have quality conversations with our team, whether technical or sales oriented, right at the event.

Events also have to be worthwhile for the host. Meeting customers, suppliers and friends from the industry face to face has meant we’ve strengthened our relationships with them. It’s not something you can put a price on, but it’s extremely valuable to us and our customers.

Our next event is already being planned, which will celebrate the tenth anniversary of manufacturing Super Spacer in Coventry. Many people on the guest list attended the opening event 10 years ago, and like us, have grown into much bigger businesses. At the opening event we demonstrated productivity improvements through automated IGU manufacturing and launched our 360 marketing support, both of which have contributed to our customers’ growth. This year we have multiple exciting launches planned for the event which will see Edgetech further supporting customers for the next stage of their growth and we are sure that once again this event will be worth it.

Top tips for successful live events:

  1. Decide what makes your event worth visiting and keep that in mind through the entire content planning process.
  2. Set and announce the date early so the venue, speakers and guests you really want will be available. Once inked into their diary, people will avoid clashes and prioritise your event.
  3. Make lists. Make lists of lists! With so many things coming together having a check list of everything in one place makes it easier to manage.
  4. Work out what the critical areas and weakest points are and resolve these early on. For example, if you’re going to be short of car parking speak to neighbours who can offer extra space.
  5. Inevitably things won’t go quite to plan on the day. Take each thing as it happens and assess the impact. If something affects the smooth running of the event look at ways to mitigate it. If there’s little or no impact on the day – let it go.



Charlotte Davies at one of her earliest Edgetech events.

Charlotte Davies at the Triple Glazing Question in 2014.

Edgetech’s head of marketing Charlotte Davies.