Going global – Edgetech’s plans for growth and innovation

Mike Moran
Mike Moran

Mike Moran, Edgetech’s new global market director, gives his thoughts on the future of the market, and lays out his – and Quanex’s – priorities for the years ahead.

I’m excited to be joining Edgetech at such a pivotal moment. As global market director, I’m tasked with helping the company achieve significant global expansion, and it’s a challenge I relish.

For over two decades, I was immersed in the IG industry. After a brief time away, I’ve come back – and it’s a hugely exciting time to be returning, especially with sustainability a top priority for governments, businesses and millions of people around the world.

The future of the IG sector is bright, and I’m eager to be a part of it.

I believe Edgetech, as part of Quanex, is perfectly positioned to thrive in the years ahead. The business is hugely successful already, with revenue of $1.2bn, and a manufacturing presence in Germany, England and the United States.

Our global presence is well-established. We’ve got a strong focus on understanding and meeting the needs of diverse markets – something demonstrated by us exhibiting at industry-leading events worldwide, including in China, Europe and Dubai.

By showcasing our innovative products at gatherings around the world, we’re able to foster connections with industry partners and stays abreast of the latest trends across the globe.

But there’s more we can do to expand that global presence – and it’s my job to identify how we can do that.

However, my role goes beyond simply expanding Edgetech’s reach. I’ll be carrying out a comprehensive analysis of the global IG industry, pinpointing opportunities for Quanex to solidify its position as a complete spacer supplier.

That will encompass new product development, conducting in-depth market research, and ensuring strategic cohesion across Edgetech’s entire product portfolio.

The combined expertise of Edgetech and Quanex, coupled with our unwavering commitment to innovation, paints a very promising picture for the future – not just for us, but for the sector as a whole.

We’re incredibly lucky, and proud, to be part of the Quanex family. Our leadership team is hugely committed to pushing technology forward, making the built environment more sustainable, and delivering excellent value for our customers and shareholders.

Together, with the combined strengths of both companies and the expertise of our employees, we’re poised to make significant strides in the years to come.

The future of innovation and sustainable building solutions is bright, and Edgetech is at the forefront. I hope you’ll join us on this exciting journey.