Future-proof with Warm Roof Pro 0.1

Ian Cowling, director of Warm Roof Pro 0.1, talks through the system and how it’s changing the game for installers and homeowners, offering one of the lowest U-values around, at a time when homeowners are looking to make their homes more energy efficient.  

When homeowners are looking to improve their properties, they want to get the most out of their space.

If they’re stuck with an old conservatory with a draughty roof that isn’t at all energy efficient, it’s likely they will only use them for drying their washing or as an expensive storage solution.

And with gas and electricity bills continuing to eat into family budgets, home improvements that can add a big green tick for energy efficiency are more attractive to consumers than ever before.

One of the best ways homeowners can improve their property’s energy efficiency is by installing a new roof system for their conservatory.

According to the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health, poorly insulated homes cost around £350 more to heat with 25% of all heat through the roof – even more so if it’s a polycarbonate conservatory roof – whereas only 10% is lost through windows, making a new roof a much better first investment.

Developed by our team at Ultra SIP Panels, Warm Roof Pro 0.1 is an innovative solid roof system that boasts an unprecedented U-value of 0.1 Wm²/K as standard, offering top levels of efficiency in a new system that allows homeowners to make use of their conservatory spaces like never before.

Not only does this system offer exceptional thermal performance, but it also eliminates the risk of cold bridging and removes the need for ventilation.

Beating the standard U-value of 0.15 Wm²/K (0.13 Wm²/K in Scotland), Warm Roof Pro 0.1 offers homeowners a system that saves money on their energy bills and prepares their homes for the upcoming Future Homes Standard (FHS).

We’re so excited to highlight that this system really does offer unbelievably high energy efficiency at a U-value of 0.1, so we put it right on the tin!

Top thermal efficiency

Warm Roof Pro 0.1 sets itself apart through its Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) construction. This technology is further complemented by independent certification from Approved Building Control Inspector, JHAI. The system’s true ‘warm roof’ designation means it offers the highest level of thermal performance without the use of aluminium, so it avoids the risk of cold bridging.

Installer friendly

Warm Roof Pro 0.1 not only offers upgrades for existing conservatories in terms of energy efficiency, but it also prioritises ease of installation, featuring an easy-to-fit structure and ready-to-assemble components, significantly reducing on-site assembly time.

With no need for battens, the roof tiles are easily fitted directly onto the SIP panels, streamlining the installation process and enhancing overall efficiency.

Warm Roof Pro 0.1 marks a significant leap forward in thermal performance and energy efficiency for all conservatory roof systems, setting a new standard for an insulated roof system that will help meet the future standards of both FHS and the upcoming EPC ‘C’ rating.

Our commitment to innovation has resulted in a solid roof system that exceeds industry standards and addresses the growing demand for sustainable home improvements.

With its exceptional U-value of 0.1 Wm²/K, this ground-breaking product is set to transform the installation of both replacement and new roofs for new and existing conservatories and low-level extensions, offering enhanced comfort, reduced energy bills, and more energy-efficient living spaces for now and the future.